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Danai Koumparelou

master's student

Email: danaisam96k(a#t)gmail.com

Danai Koumparelou is a graduate student from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Forestry and Natural Environment.  Danai is a Master degree student on "Range Science, Wildlife Biology and Freshwater Fisheries" presently in Portugal through an Erasmus + internship.

Danai objective is to collaborate in research wildlife and Mediterranean environments. After completing an internship at the University of Copenhagen, Danai knew that the most appropriate next step was to move to a European Southern Mediterranean University, where research should address more diverse ecosystems and in which where climate, landscape and wildlife would be more familiar to what Danai already knew from his home country, Greece.

Danai is participating in a research project in the Centre for Applied Ecology “Prof. Baeta Neves” (CEABN) at ISA, which assesses habitat use by ungulates, mainly deer, in holm and cork oak woodlands in Alentejo, Portugal. Danai is using camera-trapping methods to monitor use of the habitat by deer and wild boar. This study is part of a long-term research project on the effects of ungulates on the ecology of oak woodlands.

Danai has chosen CEABN at the School of Agriculture of the University of Lisbon, because she read about the CEABN research on wildlife ecology and management, where she is being supervised by Prof. Miguel Bugalho and Dr. Xavier Lecomte.

Contents will be available soon...

Contents will be available soon...