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João Craveiro

Estudante de Doutoramento

Email: jncraveiro(a#t)

While more than 25 million kilometers of new roads are projected by 2050, more forests will be crossed or bordered by them. As road impacts on terrestrial mammals become clearer, investigating how mammal-mediated tree seed dispersal can be affected by the growing road network is urgent because that is likely to impact forest contraction or expansion. This is the topic of my PhD in Biology funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, at the School of Agriculture, University of Lisbon. My working plan is entitled “Forests on the edge – Impacts of roads on mammal-mediated seed dispersal” and is supervised by Drs Pedro Gonçalves Vaz and Miguel Bugalho.

I got my BSc degree in Biology and my MSc degree in Natural Resources Management and Conservation at the School of Agriculture, University of Lisbon. My MSc Thesis examined the factors influencing the use of road-crossing culverts by carnivores in southern Portugal. Check it out here.

In 2018–2021, I worked in road ecology within the LIFELINES project at the Department of Biology, University of Évora. I developed skills in culvert monitoring using video-surveillance, roadkill surveys, mammal inventory, and telemetry. I did fieldwork for the Red Data Book to Mammals in Portugal as well.

Research Interests: Road Ecology, Road Mitigation Measures, Linear Infrastructures, “Green Infrastructures”, Forest Ecology, Forest Regeneration, Agroforestry Systems, Plant-Animal Interactions, Seed Dispersal Mammals.

Ferreira, E.M., Valerio, F., Medinas, D., Fernandes, N., Craveiro, J., Costa, P., Silva, J.P., Carrapato, C., Mira, A., Santos, S.M., 2022,

Assessing behaviour states of a forest carnivore in a road-dominated landscape using Hidden Markov Models, Nature Conservation 47: 155–175

(doi: 10.3897/natureconservation.47.72781)

Grilo C., Afonso B.C., Afonso F., Alexandre M., Aliácar S., Almeida A., Alonso I.P., Álvares F., et al., 2022, Mammals in Portugal: a data set of terrestrial, volant and marine mammal occurrences in Portugal. Ecology 103(6): e3654.


Craveiro, J., Bernardino, J., Mira, A., Vaz, P.G., 2021, Dry pathways and flowing water within culverts jointly promote crossings by carnivore mammals. Infrastructure and Ecology Network Europe (IENE) 2021 International Conference “LIFELINES – Linear Infrastructure Networks with Ecological Solutions”. January 12–14, Évora, Portugal. Session 1.3.3. Roads and Mammals: Ecological Impacts and Solutions. [url]

Craveiro, J., Bernardino, J., Mira, A., Vaz, P.G., 2019, Impact of culvert flooding on carnivore crossings. Journal of Environmental Management 231: 878-885.

(doi: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2018.10.108)

Craveiro, J., 2016, Factors influencing the use of road-crossing culverts by carnivores. MsC Thesis. Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Universidade de Lisboa e Universidade de Évora, Portugal. [url]

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