Being a partner of Green Data Science. Strengthening the connection of Data Science with companies and entities.

By being a partner of Green Data Science, entities or companies can contribute to the training of professionals prepared to solve real problems in the areas of Master's training. This allows organizations to advance more quickly in the ongoing digital transformation, allowing the challenges of management and data analysis of their production and management processes to be the focus of attention during the practical training of the master. Graduates of Green Data Science will, therefore, be able to immediately contribute to the improvement and efficiency gains that data science can provide. Partners can collaborate in several ways:

  • Provide use cases for Hackathon Project
  • Presenting Seminars on Data Science activity and experience
  • Hosting internships or dissertations
  • Providing the training of its employees

Introduce us your use case to be a subject of a Hackathon Project

In Hackathon Project, students carry out a project proposed by partner companies, as a hackathon. Teams are formed to develop the different phases of the data science methodology, from problem formulation, to data acquisition and management, data visualization and analysis, modeling and application of machine learning methods, and story telling of the use case. The entities that present the use case follow-up the project as specialists, contributing to the presentation and analysis of the problem, and to the validation of the solution.

Participate in Seminars integrated into the curricular units

Experience and application is very important to our students. Through the presentation of a Seminar, integrated in the curricular units of our course, we want to promote contact between students and professionals from different areas of application, promoting know-how through their expertise.

Host internships or dissertations

Hosting internships or dissertations provides opportunities for innovation through the creation of new knowledge and its application. This graduation phase allows you to explore problems, test pilots or support the implementation of solutions, in a context of strong proximity between the university environment and the business reality. There is, therefore, a high potential for gain on the part of partners who propose to host internships or dissertations, benefiting from the transfer of technology or knowledge adjusted to the reality of their processes.

Providing postgraduate training for its employees

The Green Data Science Master gives special attention to lifelong learning. The course schedule is mixed, making it possible to carry out training while maintaining professional activity. Additionally, the strong hands-on component of data science subjects allows students to test this learning against their own interests and application needs. By enabling the training of their employees, companies or entities not only contribute to the enhancement of their staff, but also enable the acquisition of knowledge adjusted to their specific needs.

Become a partner

Being partner

  • Contribute according to your preference:
    • propose problems for Hackathon projects,
    • present a seminar,
    • host an internship or dissertation;
  • Power innovation and knowledge transfer;
  • Promote the training of your employees.

Become a partner