Study at ISA

Study at the largest and most qualified school in Agricultural Sciences in Portugal.

Instituto Superior de Agronomia of the Universidade de Lisboa (ISA) is, in Portugal, the largest and most qualified undergraduate and graduate school in Agricultural Sciences. With more than 160 years of experience, ISA benefits from the unique conditions of the Tapada da Ajuda Campus for an applied teaching that follows the knowledge and technological evolution. The focus is on quality and modernization.

We are proud to be one of the schools with the best scientific output indicators among portuguese universities, with a bubbling scientific activity and multiple collaborations with national and international organizations.

We prepare our students in basic sciences and engineering tools, in order to solve complex problems related to landscape and ecosystem management and the production of food, fiber and energy, in the context of Food, Agronomic, Forestry, Environmental, Zootechnics, and Biology and Landscape Architecture. The Master's Green Data Science adds a new dimension to the teaching and application valences of ISA, in response to the challenges of the 4th technological revolution.

At the Tapada da Ajuda Campus you can study in an environment with 100 ha, in the interior of the city of Lisbon, which harmoniously combines teaching areas, agricultural crops, a botanical park and reserve.

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