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Cabral A, Azinheira HG, Talhinhas P, Batista D, Ramos AP, Silva MC, Oliveira H, Várzea V. (2020). Pathological, Morphological, Cytogenomic, Biochemical and Molecular Data Support the Distinction between Colletotrichum cigarro comb. et stat. nov. and Colletotrichum kahawae. Plants 9, 502; doi:10.3390/plants9040502

Monteiro A, Colomban S, Azinheira HG, Guerra-Guimarães L, Silva MC, Navarini L, Resmini M. (2020). Dietary Antioxidants in Coffee Leaves: Impact of Botanical Origin and Maturity on Chlorogenic Acids and Xanthones. Antioxidants 9, 6; doi:10.3390/antiox9010006

Monteiro F, Diniz I, Pena AR, Baldé A, Romeiras MM, Catarino L, Batista D. (2020). First report of three Lasiodiplodia species (L. theobromae, L. pseudotheobromae, L. caatinguensis) causing cashew gummosis in Guinea-Bissau (West Africa). Plant Disease.

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