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“Sinergias” lab meeting: "Efficiency of public environmental measures in post-fire restoration of oak woodlands in Portugal", by Luis Lopes.

Luís uses cost-benefit analyses to quantify the efficiency and effectiveness of public post-fire restoration projects in remnant native oak forests with high wildfire incidence in Portugal. It'll be interesting to learn whether there is a problem in the implementation of post-fire restoration projects through public environmental measures in high-value remnant fragments, namely those of Quercus pyrenaica, Q. faginea, and Q. robur.
The work includes the analysis of "Emergency Stabilization Reports" (2010 - 2018) and of restoration projects carried out through public programs (1986 - 2018). Luís will also tell us about his fieldwork aiming at assessing the current stage of the interventions.

It was a forum with a good audience and Luís left with several suggestions from those present for his ongoing work. We look forward to more news!

Tuesday, 10 December 2019