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Message from the President of ISA


It is with a sense of honor and the certainty of responsibility that I assume the direction of the School of Agriculture, after presenting the candidacy for the presidency and subsequent election by the School Council. I have the ambition and the optimism for the fulfillment of these functions and I guarantee that I will do it with organization, work and focus on the results that we intend to achieve in the four-year period of 2018-2022. I will do it in partnership with the management bodies - Management Board, School Council, Scientific Council and Pedagogical Council - not because it is established in the Statutes, but because, in this way, the path will be more efficient and effective. Institutional representation does not exhaust individual participation, so faculty, researchers, technical and administrative staff are also an integral part of this commitment to action. In parallel, we will have a constructive dialogue with the Rectory of the University of Lisbon, given that we have common strategic goals.

We will work together so that the School of Agriculture reaffirms itself as "the largest and best graduate and postgraduate school in agrarian sciences in Portugal". For this, it is necessary to teach exemplary, to be part of international research teams, to be closer to companies to find solutions and to have more weight in the definition of public policies. Together, we want to promote an inspiring learning, a science that transforms reality, the valuation of knowledge in society.

As I mentioned in my presentation at the School Assembly and at the School Council, I believe that universities are a core of inter-generational trust and students are our greatest purpose. In this sense, I fully agree with what Dr. Laborio Lúcio said in a recently published media interview "... the school (he was referring to the university) should form educated citizens, capable of having a critical sense and to be dissidents. If we lose the citizen dimension, we lose the only capital we have that modifies the world and life". Therefore, the motto of my candidacy was "a school with an impact on students and the society". Impact is to have repercussion, is to have influence on the lives of students, their future professional practice and their expression of citizenship, contributing to a better, more inclusive human community.

The application program I submitted is only the first outline for the construction of the 2018-2022 Action Plan, which will be presented and discussed with the School Council when appropriate. You can read the Program here [PT]. It is now available to receive your suggestions until September 30th.

Finally, I would like to thank the outgoing leadership team for the commitment and value shown in promoting the School of Agriculture. To Prof. Amarilis de Varennes and the entire management team - Prof. Graça Abrantes, Prof. Luísa Louro and Prof.ª Cristina Queda - thank you.

Professor António José Guerreiro de Brito

President of the School of Agriculture