Bachelor Degrees / Licenciaturas (1st Cycle)

Bachelor degrees should provide the necessary skills for the qualified and certified professional practice, and the continuance of further learning. ISA's bachelor courses (all with 180 ECTS) ensure the students to:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills to allow them entry in the workforce;
  • The possibility of continuing learning and achieve a master's degree (2nd cycle), granting exchange between domestic and international learning institutions;
  • A scientific education that will allow them to achieve a capacity to maintain and carry-on their learning through their lives;
  • Domestic and international acknowledgement of the accomplished degree.


Master's Degrees (2nd Cycle)

Master's courses at ISA are adjusted, either for the existing bachelor courses, as well for areas of opportunities where ISA has a substantial know-how. With 120 ECTS, all of them have courses of syllabuses planned to deepen the basic learning and intended to assure the necessary recognition, of the given courses, by the appropriate professional association. There are several courses with partnerships within our university, as well as with other universities, with scientifically and pedagogical benefits, exploring the opportunities for movability.


Doctoral Degrees (3rd Cycle)

The goal for the 3rd cycle of learning, ending in a doctoral degree is, not only the attainment of competences to follow a scientific research, but also the elevation of creativity and innovation in the socio-economic milieu, including the business environment. The doctoral courses, with 180 ECTS, comprise the presentation of a thesis, supported by syllabuses credits along the programme. The required curricular units are related to the student previous learning and subject of thesis.


Lifelong Learning

For emergent fields of knowledge our school has courses of Continuous Learning, accessible to either students or professionals, which are of variable dimension and not ending with any degree. Contingent upon their nature and dimension, they can be organized in ECTS. In this section you can find the listing of courses on offer for the current school year, as well as for the previous ones.