Internal Organization

  • 1st Floor - Directorate, Secretariat, Study room (49 seats) and bar.
  • 2nd Floor - Reading Room (200 seats).
  • 3rd Floor - Room Lecturers and Researchers (8 places), Gab. Cartography (16 seats), Gab. Audio-visual (10 seats) and Gab. Technician.


Monographs (general), reserved monographs, reports bachelor, masters dissertations, pedagogical aptitude, PhD theses, classes of aggregation, journals (print and electronic edition), audio-visual materials and maps.

Support reader

  • Local reading
  • home loan
  • Bibliographic via INTERNET 
  • INTRANET access to journals in full text
  • Print the results of the consultations
  • Photocopies in place: self-service
  • Inter-library loan
  • Provision of documents, via email or mail
  • Acquisition of documents abroad on request
  • New acquisitions - suggestions
  • Service support and guidance literature
  • Personalized assistance in specialized research
  • User training (on request)
  • news