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O próximo Sinergias CEABN-InBIO terá lugar já no dia 21 de julho, quinta-feira, das 11:00 às 12:15 no CEABN.

Leónia Nunes, Francisco Rego, e restante equipa do projeto EXTREME estiveram recentemente nos Estados Unidos da América a aprender coisas giras sobre comportamento do fogo que irão partilhar connosco. Serão todos bem-vindos. Não faltem!

Título: Importance of volatile organic compounds in wildfires

Resumo: There is now a solid theory suggesting that flammable gases generated from heated vegetation, in particular Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) common in Mediterranean plants, or products from incomplete combustion in the wildfire front may, under some topographic and wind conditions, accumulate in locations where,
after the arrival of the ignition source, they rapidly burst in flame as in an explosion.
These "flashover" fires are a common feature in houses where flammable gases in a confined environment easily concentrate above the Lower Flammability Limit and, given enough oxygen and ignition source, create explosive situations.
Our study may allow to improve modelling for a better prediction of the fire propagation.
In this session, we will discuss the importance of VOCs in wildfires, the main findings of the EXTREME project (Influence of forests VOCs in extreme fire behaviour - Reference PCIF/GFC/0175/2017) and also present our field and laboratory studies in Portugal and in the Albany Pine Bush Preserve, USA.

Segunda-Feira, 11 de Julho de 2022