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ForTec Research Team

FORTEC: Forest products and biorefineries


researchers current research areas CONTACT

Ali Umut Sen

Chemical characterizations of cork-containing tree barks, thermochemical treatments of biomass, bark extractives and adsorption. ResearchGate

Ana Lourenço

Chemical characterization of lignocellulosic material, in particular studying the content and composition lignin by different methodologies (Py-GC-MS/FID, NMR, DFRC).  ResearchGate

Ana Alves

Chemical characterization of lignocellulosic materials by Py-GC-MS/FID; near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) and ATR-FTIR attenuated total reflection. ResearchGate

António Velez

Lignocellulosic chemistry and analysis; pulping; FTIR, GC-MS/FID, analytical pyrolysis, NMR; liquefaction; extractives analysis; lignin and suberin structural analysis; supercritical extraction.    ResearchGate

Isabel Miranda

Science and technology of lignocellulosic materials; chemistry of wood and non-woody materials; wood drying; biomass and bioenergy.         ResearchGate  

Joana Ferreira

Non-wood forest products; barks and cork chemistry; GC-MS, HPLC-MS; polar and non-polar extractives analysis; suberin structural composition analysis; bioactive compounds. ResearchGate    

Jorge Gominho

Science and technology of lignocellulosic materials; paper and pulp production; physical-mechanical and optical properties of pulp; chemistry of wood and non-woody materials; wood drying; biomass and bioenergy.  ResearchGate ORCID   


José Graça

Cork chemistry; cork quality; suberin and cutin structure. ResearchGate    

Natália Osório

Valorization of agroforest wastes; production of lipids and biodiesel.

Ofélia Anjos

Characterization of honey, pollen, cork, wood and pulp by spectroscopic instruments.         ResearchGate   


Solange Araújo

Wood heat treatment; wood based panels; biomass energy; adhesives.  ResearchGate    

Teresa Quilhó

Science and technology of lignocellulosic materials; anatomy of wood and non-wood forest products; expertise in the identification of temperate and tropical timber.  ResearchGate   

Vicelina Sousa

Wood and non-wood forest products anatomy and properties, and their variability.  ResearchGate    



colaborating researchers current research areas CONTACT

Bruno Esteves

Biomass liquefaction at low temperature and pressure, new products from biomass conversion and wood protection.     ResearchGate

Celina Serra

Characterization and study of phytochemical
profiles and their compounds, biological activities, and inventory of
plants in situ from a biorefinery perspective and valorization of
products and by-products

Fátima Tavares

Anatomy of wood and non-wood forest products.

Junia Alves

Biomass deconstruction, pretreatments/
fractionation processes, integrated upgrading of biomass in a biorefinery framework.  


Patrícia Moniz

Pretreatments; biomass processing and characterization; lignocellulosic; fractions’ purification.      ResearchGate  

Sofia Cardoso

Science and technology of lignocellulosic materials; anatomy of wood and non-wood forest products; expertise in the identification of temperate and tropical timber. ResearchGate 

Fernanda Bessa

Anatomy of wood and non-wood forest products. Xylarium, tropical timber, database.      


doctoral students research areas CONTACT

Alexandra Lauw

Dendrochronology applied to cultural heritage (namely musical instruments, paintings and archaeological samples.   ResearchGate

Carla Leite

Barks; cork; climatic changes; cork growth; modelling.          ResearchGate   


Catarina Chemetova

Science and technology of lignocellulosic materials; biomass valoriation.             ResearchGate

Delfina Godinho

Science and technology of lignocellulosic materials, wood heat treatment, wood durability, biomass energy.   ResearchGate

Duarte Neiva

Lignocellulosic biomass fractionation; biorefinery; pulping and paper production and properties analysis; lignocellulosic wet and fine chemical analysis. ResearchGate

Ivone Torrado

Biomass characterization; recovery of hemicellulose and lignin fractions from biomass mixtures using a novel fractionation process, based on the use of microwave technology. ResearchGate  

Ricardo Costa

Preparation of different lignocellulosic materials for the chemical studies. Lignin isolation and characterization by Py-GC/MS.

Soraia Pedro

Characterization of wine aromatic profile and development of new products; characterization of wood material from a biorefinery perspective; CG/MS; Vibrational spectroscopy NIR, ATR-FTIR and RAMAN. ResearchGate



Cristina Alves

Anatomical preparations for optical and SEM analysis.  

Helena Patrício

Preparation of lignocellulosic samples for anatomical and chemical analysis.

Joaquina Silva

Chemical analysis of lignocellulosic materials.

Lídia Alves
da Silva

Preparation of samples for different analysis, for example anatomical, physical and chemical characterizations. 


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