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W.K. Kellogg International Food Security Award & Lectureship

Applications Open

You can apply or nominate someone for the prestigious “W.K. Kellogg International Food Security Award & Lectureship” which is sponsored by the Kellogg Company. The deadline to do so is the 15th of December 2016. The winner will be able to deliver a lecture at the IFT 17 (25th-28th of June, Las Vergas, NV, USA) during the W.K. Kellogg Symposium.

Purpose: To honor an IFT member working in academics, research institutes or the government, regardless of geographic origin, whose outstanding efforts result in one or more of the following:

  • Enabling and increasing access to nutritious food in non-industrialized countries;
  • Developing emerging technologies and/or research that addresses non-industrialized countries food needs, food safety, and food security; and/or  
  • Contributing toward the technological development in one or more local food industries to help foster economic development in non-industrialized countries.

Champion: IFT International Division
Award: 3,500 dollars honorarium, complimentary registration to IFT’s Annual Meeting & Food Expo and a plaque. Total award is valued at more than 4,000 dollars.
Eligibility: The industrialized world understands the need to improve the availability and nutrition of non-industrialized countries food supplies; however, there remains a great need and opportunity to identify solutions that meet these population’s health needs and food preferences in a cost effective manner for both consumers and companies.

This award is intended to recognize emerging research that made substantial advances on how foods can be better manufactured and made available for emerging economies. All countries listed under the World Banks' country and lending group regions are qualifying emerging economies.

Nominees must be members of IFT working in academic environments, research institutes or the government and be actively engaged in training scientists. Mid-level career academicians are encouraged to apply, although nominees from all career levels are welcomed.  Nominees must have published related research in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Find the form under:

Further the following things will also need to be submitted:

  • Nominee Writable PDF
  • Nomination Statement (not to exceed 4 pages)
  • A reference letter is required but can be submitted separately by the reference.
  • The letter should be emailed to: