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Welcome to the OASIS webpage

Project OASIS: How to run regulated rivers in semi-arid regions? (PTDC/AAC-AMB/1201972010) is a R&D project supported by the Foundation for Science and Technology, FCT. It will take place from March 2012 to February 2015. OASIS is focused on the effects of river regulation on riparian forests, and aims to develop a model framework to quantify environmental flows for the conservation and restoration of fluvial corridors impacted by regulation in Mediterranean and semi-arid regions.

OASIS goals are to:
• increase the knowledge of the dam-induced alterations in the spatial structure, species composition and functional biodiversity in perennial and intermittent streams of Iberian rivers;
• define riparian vegetation-flow response guilds for semi-arid regions;
• implement the FLOWBASE, a riparian vegetation traitbase for semi-arid regions;
• achieve an eco-hydrological model for riparian vegetation;
• develop a decision support tool for flow management.

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