April 17, 2023


The team of project ALNUS organized the Final SeminarScreening alder resilience as a basis for riparian restoration” on April 14th 2023, to disseminate the project’s final results. The workshop occurred from 9h30 to 17h00 (Lisbon time) at the Sala de Atos at the School of Agriculture (ISA), and was attended by 147 participants (127 online and 20 presential) from 14 countries, covering diverse profiles, such as 47 public administration representatives from the local, basin and national level, 12 representatives of private companies, 2 from NGOs, 77 students and members of academia, and others; and diverse interests such as riparian ecology, forest pathology, ecological restoration, alder and Phytophthora management, and similarities with ongoing projects.

After the welcome speech from the Professor and President of the School Council of ISA, Dr. Margarida Tomé, and the Professor and President of the Scientific Council of ISA, Dr. Teressa Ferreira, the floor was given to the invited speaker Dr. Thomas Jung (Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic) with the presentation “Vast numbers of unknown Phytophthora species in unsurveyed regions of the world, ineffective phytosanitary protocols and ubiquitous nursery infestations pose a serious threat to natural ecosystems in Europe”. He was followed by the PI of the ALNUS project, Dr. Patricia María Rodríguez González (Forest Research Center – ISA) who opened the session Scientific Outputs, with the participation of other researchers involved in the project. In the afternoon, we had the session Application and Knowledge Transfer, with presentations that showed how the results of the project can be applied at different contexts, and presented the tools generated by the project such as Decision Support Tool – ADnet.

Our team is thankfull for the participation of everyone and believes that Seminar was a success. We are also thankful for the feedback received during and after the sessions.