Screening Alnus glutinosa resistance to an emerging disease under climatic stressors: predicting alder forest resilience across river networks.

Evaluating the current status of alder decline in the leading-edge of Phytophthora spread in Portugal

Characterizing alder variability across provenances along the species latitudinal range

Investigating variability in the resilience of populations

Proposing a novel decision support tool for planning riparian conservation guidelines

Alder forests in Europe play key ecological functions and provide important ecosystem services in riparian habitats (e.g. water quality improvement, nitrogen fixation). However, they are experiencing extensive decay and tree mortality, which add new risks to the existing impacts of historical pressures related to river and riparian forest degradation. The pathogen Phytophtora xalni is an emerging threat that affects alder forests from Northern and Central Europe and is now spreading across the Iberian Peninsula. The persistence of the forests affected by this disease may be also affected by other threats such as climate change, which can lead to a higher stress for the species with cascading effects to the ecosystem functioning and services.

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The team of project ALNUS organized the online Workshop “Riparian Forests - Restoration perspectives under biotic, abiotic and social pressures" on January 20th 2021, as part of the Project Mid-Term Meeting, which was attended by 161 participants of 15 countries.

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The team of project ALNUS organized the Final Seminar “Screening alder resilience as a basis for riparian restoration” on April 14th 2023, to disseminate the project’s final results. The workshop occurred from 9h30 to 17h00 (Lisbon time) at the Sala de Atos at the School of Agriculture (ISA), and was attended by 147 participants (127...

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On April 14, 2023, the ALNUS Project team will present the main results obtained in the three years of activity, with five distinct tasks on the assessment of Alnus glutinosa resistance to the conjugated effect of an emerging disease and climate stress. The Final Seminar will take place in Sala de Atos at Instituto Superior...

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