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Proposed Themes

Candidates may indicate general subjects of their specific interest, justifying the choice based on their personal motivation and the suitability of their scientific profiles.

Examples of themes available for thesis development:

  • Integrated flow management
  • Ecological flows: requirements and design
  • Water and ecosystem management under scarcity
  • Ecohydraulics of fish passes
  • Fluvial restoration planning
  • Dam operation for downstream habitat management
  • Historical ecology of river landscapes and channels
  • Historical ecology of fish
  • Management of river connectivity and barriers
  • Ecological services provided by rivers and riverine areas
  • Riparian vegetation dynamics and management
  • Aquatic invasive species: control and management
  • Water reuse and the use of non-conventional water
  • Nutrient cycling of restored riverine landscapes
  • Hydromorphological responses to land use and climate changes
  • Functional models to quantify ecological losses and gains from disturbance and restoration
  • River basin management

The list of themes is not exhaustive and the selection and development of the subjects will be done by the end of the first doctoral year