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General information

FLUVIO will admit 24 PhD students in total, in three cohorts of 8 students.
Each PhD scholarship is granted for periods of 1 year, renewable up to 4 years, and cannot be granted for periods smaller than 6 consecutive months. Scholarships are subject to FCT rules (site) and currently include:

  • a monthly salary of 980 € (tax free);
  • annual co-payment for registration, tuition or fees;
  • half the grant period at research laboratories/centres outside Portugal;
  • a subsidy for a presentation in scientific meetings.

The call is open between June 25th and July 6th 2018, 17:00 GMT

Eligible applicants

The call is open (Article nº14, from the FCT Grant Regulation, 2015) to: Portuguese citizens or citizens from other European Union countries; citizens of countries outside the European Union having a Portuguese residence permit, or living in Portugal in the terms laid out by Law nº 23/2007, July 4th, modified by Law nº 29/2012, August 9th; citizens of countries with which Portugal has celebrated reciprocity agreements; and citizens of other countries provided that the candidate undergoes a panel interview.
Eligible applicants should hold a master’s degree or equivalent (pre-Bologna 5 years degree), obtained in either a Portuguese university or a foreign one, with a total of 300 ECTS, or equivalent in the case of non-European institutions (Nº 1 of Article 30º of Decree-Law nº 74/2006, March 24th, modified by Decree-law nº 107/2008, June 25th and Decree-law 230/2009, September 14th).
Applicants with academic degrees obtained overseas are required to submit the records of acknowledgment of such degrees and conversion of the respective final grades to the Portuguese grading scale (whenever a final grade was awarded to the foreign degree), issued by the Directorate General for Higher Education or by a Portuguese public higher education establishment (regime governed by Decree-Law No.341/2007, of October 12th) or, alternatively, submit the document of acknowledgment/equivalence of the foreign qualifications to the corresponding Portuguese qualifications, issued by a Portuguese public higher education establishment (process governed by
Decree-Law No.283/83, of June 21st).

Preference will be given to holders of a MSc. degree in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Biology, Agriculture, Forest Engineering and Civil Engineering, and having previous knowledge in Ecology, Hydraulics and Hydrology.
Candidates must have a minimum average grade of 14 out of 20, or in the case this condition is not met, having at least one publication, as first author, in a peer-reviewed journal (uploaded pdf is mandatory). Students from other educational systems must demonstrate/certify that their average grades are within the 70th percentile of their system.
The academic degree must be concluded up to February 2nd 2018 (closing date of the call). If this condition is not fulfilled, the grant will not be awarded.

The assigned scholarships are mixed, i.e, up to half of the scholarship period will be developed in the foreign institutions that are part of the Doctoral Program consortium: Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain), Federal University of Bahia (Brazil), Katopodis Ecohydraulics (Canada), Boku University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (Austria) and Klagenfurt Environmental Consultants/Nature consult Egger (Austria), or other foreign institutions, if necessary. Each PhD student will have an international scientific council for supervision.
Each PhD scholarship is granted for periods of 1 year, renewable up to 4 years. The duration of the doctoral course is 4 years (to complete the PhD Thesis). The first year is dedicated to courses training and Seminar. The second, third and fourth years are devoted to research activities, data analyses, and thesis writing.
The scholarship is dependent on the reception of the compulsory documentation from the applicant and financial support from the funding institution.

Required elements

Individual applications should be submitted by sending to a pdf of the following required documents:

  • Application form, download at
  • Detailed curriculum vitae (including scientific activities, projects participation, publications, other relevant skills
  • Motivation letter
  • Contact information of three researchers available to confirm the merit of the candidate
  • Letters of recommendation (optional)
  • Copy of identification document;
  • Course(s) Certificate(s) and list of disciplines of the academic degree(s) with their respective marks.

Motivation letter, CV and letters of recommendation should be in English.
Candidates may indicate general subjects of their specific interest (see Proposed Themes), justifying the choice based on their personal motivation and the suitability of their scientific profiles.

Application deadlines
The call is open between June 25th and July 6th 2018, 17:00 GMT

Selection of candidates

The evaluation is carried out by the 6 members of the PhD Coordination Committee (CCFLUVIO), by assessing the merit of each candidate, using a scale from 0 points (minimum) to 100 points (maximum), and producing a ranked list, by theme. The evaluation will be based on the following scored criteria (weighting factors shown in brackets):

  • Merit of the educational background and adequacy of scientific training to the development of the proposed theme (up to 40 points);
  • Number of publications in peer-reviewed journals, and respective impact factor (up to 20 points);
  • Participation in projects and research activities, with emphasis on those related to the Doctoral Program (up to 10 points);
  • Publication in book chapters, reports and non-indexed journals (up to 10 points);
  • Participation in national and international scientific meetings, with or without oral presentations, showing interest and involvement in the scientific domain of the Doctoral Program (up to 10 points);
  • English fluency and respective certificates (up to 10 points).

The list of ranked candidates, by theme, will be obtained by mutual agreement between all CCFLUVIO members. At this stage, candidates may be individually interviewed, whenever decided by CCFLUVIO (presence or via video conference), to finalize the ordered list, by evaluating their scientific knowledge, specific technical skills, motivation and English communication skills.

Notification of candidates

The results of the selection process, with the description of the applied evaluation criteria for each applicant, will be communicated, via email to all candidates. The list of approved applicants also will be available at:

In the case of an unfavorable award decision (i.e. for applicants not selected to receive scholarships), the applicant has a period of 10 working days after disclosure, to appeal to CCFLUVIO, by request of a preliminary hearing, pursuant to the Portuguese “Código do Procedimento Administrativo”. From the final decision the applicant has a period of 15 working days after notification, to appeal to “Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia”.