On the proposal of the Scientific Committee of the PhD in Agricultural Innovation in Tropical Food Chains, regarding the admission process to the 2023/2024 edition, the call for applications is published, under the conditions below.



Admission requirements

The following are admitted as candidates for registration:- Holders of a Masters degree or legal equivalent in the areas of agricultural, veterinary, biological, environmental, international economy and development sciences, or related fields, including the possibilities set out in Article 27 b) and c) of "Despacho"8631/2020, September 8th, in accordance with point b) and c) of Article 30 of the Legal Regime of Degrees and Diplomas of Higher Education (RJGDES), DL 65/18 of 16 August.- Exceptionally, holders of a Bachelor’s degree or legal equivalent, holders of a particularly relevant academic, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized as attesting the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies by the Scientific Committee of the Doctoral Program in the abovementioned scientific areas.

Application process

Applications are addressed to the President of the University of Lisbon’s School of Agriculture Scientific Committee.The documentation process must be sent, entirely by e-mail, to (Cc:, indicating “Tropical Innovation PhD Application” in the e-mail subject).The whole application process must be instructed in English, encompassing the following documents:

  • Copy of valid identification document (national ID card or passport)

  • Documents proving that the candidate meets the qualification conditions, namely, certificates of the academic degrees indicating the respective final grades

  • Curriculum vitae

  • Project proposal (maximum 3.000 words; mentioning state-of-the art context, main objectives, and methodological approach to be followed)

  • Motivation letter

  • Two reference/recommendation letters

  • Proof of English language proficiency (level B1 or higher according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), or alternative evidence of excellent English-language communication skills) – if the candidate is not a native English speaker

  • Declaration which states that the candidate undertakes to comply with the University of Lisboa code of conduct - download here

  • Other documents considered relevant for the application

  • Indication of email address to which all communication is made

Selection and Ranking Criteria

Candidates are selected and ranked by the course coordination committee by examining the application documents and conducting interviews.a) For the documentary assessment of applications, the following criteria are applied, valued on a scale from 0 to 100, to which the indicated weights correspond:

  • Academic qualifications (degrees obtained, adequacy and classification) - 25%

  • Motivation and adequacy of the research interests to the Doctoral Program (through the assessment of the motivation letter) - 5%

  • Professional experience and competences to develop research - 15%

  • Scientific, technical and academic merit of the curriculum vitae (through the appraisal of the publications/communications record) - 20%

  • Quality, relevance and novelty of the research proposal submitted - 30%

  • Other competencies revealed by the analysis of the information provided in the letters of recommendation - 5%

The classification of the documentary analysis results from the weighted average of the classifications obtained in each criterion, being excluded the candidates with classification below 60 points.All other candidates are admitted to an interview, which aims to deepen documental information, as well as assess other skills expressed by the candidate.

b) The interview is conducted in English and rated on a scale of 0 to 100, according to the following criteria:

  • Communication skills

  • Analytical skills regarding the doctoral programme scope

  • Motivational skills

  • Interpersonal skills

Candidates with classification below 60 points in the interview are excluded.

The final evaluation of the candidates results from the average of the marks obtained in the documentary evaluation (60%) and in the interview (40%).

Emoluments and Fees

- Application fee is €50 (fifty euros).
There is no reimbursement in case the candidate is excluded or not selected.
- The tuition fee for the academic year 2023/2024 is €2.750 (two thousand, seven hundred and fifty euros), plus Annual Enrolment fee and Insurance.The tuition fee can be paid through ATM, Credit Card, Pay Pall or directly at the Treasury of the University of Lisbon’s School of Agriculture (ISA-ULisboa), during normal business hours.
Tuition fees may be settled in more than one instalment.