The governance structure includes:

  • Coordinator

Head of LEAF

Isabel Sousa :

PhD in Food Science from Nottingham University UK, Full Professor at the Department of Sciences and Engineering of Biosystems from Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA)/ Universidade de Lisboa. Former head of the Research Group G3-Food and Feed from the LEAF (Linking Landscape Environment Agriculture and Food) research centre from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). Coordinator of the teaching areas in the Industry interface: Food Industry plants and related equipment; Plant design for the Food Industry; Cereal Technologies with extension to the Gastronomy area in Food Rheology and Texture.

Pioneered the studies on Food Texture and Rheology in Portugal and set up the Food Rheology and Cereal Technology Labs to support research in these areas. Focused in sustainability and efficiency, is involved in projects with the Industry, mainly in boosting Innovation through product development e.g. using functional ingredients, upcycling by-products and underexplored food sources, into vegetable staple foods, with strong impact on consumer’s wellbeing. With about 100 ISI publications and several book chapters in Applied Food Rheology and Functional Foods. International Expert evaluator (since 2005) for: i) European Commission, namely for the Research Executive Agency (REA) of EC; ii) the Eurostar program of the Eureka Secretariat; and iii) the Danish - Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD).


  • Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed of all the members of the Alfa Team, coordinators of the Research Groups and Thematic Lines of LEAF:

Coordinator: Isabel Sousa

Head of G1 Resources management and landscape Architecture: David Fangueiro

David Paulo Fangueiro:

PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Aveiro and Institut National Agronomique (France), Assistant Professor with Habilitation at the Department of Natural Resources, Environment and Territory from Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA)/ Universidade de Lisboa.

;Research focus on nutrients recycling and animal manure management with special emphasis on the influence of animal manures treatment (separation and acidification) and soil application on C emissions, nutrient dynamics in soil and losses to air and water. Has published > 50 papers in refereed journals and several book chapters; involves in several EU projects, ( e ReUseWaste, Ferticycle, Dairy4future, Nutri2cycle) and PI for a 2 national projects (FCT) on animal slurry treatment and management. Supervisor of 8 PhD students. Coordinator of the Ramiran network. International Expert evaluator for the European Commission and several National funding agencies (Denmark, France, Ireland).


Head of G2 Plant Science and crop production: Luís Goulão

Luís Goulão:

PhD in Agronomic Engineering from the University of Lisbon, Assistant Professor at the School of Agriculture – University of Lisbon. Research focus and coordination of curricular units linking agriculture with Development outcomes: Food Security and Food Policy, Tropical Farming and Agroforestry Systems, Food Security and Global Dynamics. Member of the Scientific Committee of the Doctoral Programmes Development Studies and Sustainability Science.

Focused on addressing biological, technological and organizational questions to enable innovative approaches that respond to tangible needs, aiming at food and nutritional security, environmental sustainability and economic development. Experienced in coordination of Agricultural Research projects and in development of Research & Innovation Agendas in Europe and in support of international cooperation with tropical regions. Published > 35 ISI papers and several book chapters, strategic briefs and documents of scientific evidence.


Head of G3 Food & Feed: Anabela Raymundo

Anabela Raymundo:

Chemical engineer by Univ Nova de Lisboa, MSc in Food Science and Technology and PhD in Food Engineering by Univ de Lisboa. Associate Professor with Habilitation, integrating the LEAF (Linking Landscape, Environment, Agriculture and Food). Responsible for the areas of Rheology and Food Texture and Quality Control in Food Engineering Graduation and Master and in the Master of Gastronomic Sciences.

Main research areas of interest: functional properties of macromolecules; development of new food products; evaluation of the rheological behavior of different food matrices and relations with the structural composition. Main work focused on the use of poorly exploited food sources (e.g., microalgae biomass and food industry by-products) for the development of high added value products. Participates in several national and international research projects. Published 70 papers in international ISI journals, authored 3 international book chapters and has presented communications in various national and international congresses as invited speaker.


Head of TL1 Grape Vine and Wine: Miguel Costa

Joaquim Miguel Costa :

Assistant Professor at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, (ISA) University of Lisbon (UL) since 2017, on Viticulture, Horticultural Production Systems and Ornamental horticulture. JMC is an Agronomist, with an MSc. in Sustainable Agriculture and Horticulture from ISA and a PhD by the Wageningen University, NL, on “Plant Ecology and Resource Conservation” - plant propagation. Research on grapevine started on 2004 at the Lab of Molecular Ecophysiology (ITQBNova) and at LEAF and has been focused on grapevine stress ecophysiology, monitoring by thermography as well as on sustainability issues of modern viticulture and horticulture (water use efficiency, circularity). Has co-authored more than 50 scientific publications, as well as technical papers and books. He is actively involved in projects related to grapevine phenotyping (INTERPHENO) and knowledge transfer in viticulture (EU-NEFERTITI). Since 2012 he is member of the board of the Associação Portuguesa de Horticultura (APH).


Head of TL2 Olives and Olive oil: Teresa do Paço

Teresa Afonso do Paço :

PhD in Agronomy from the University of Lisbon, Assistant Professor at the Department of Sciences and Engineering of Biosystems from Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA)/ Universidade de Lisboa. Teaching areas: Physics, Engineering applied to Landscape Architecture, Climate and water resources, Irrigation and drainage, Introduction to arboriculture and urban forestry, Olive production and olive oil technology, Green roofs and urban sustainability.

Focused in plant water use, evapotranspiration and irrigation, with subsequent applications in Agriculture, Forestry and Landscape Architecture. Involved in research projects with Academia and the Industry. Over 30 ISI publications and several book chapters. International Expert evaluator for the European Commission and other entities.


Head of TL3 Tropical Agriculture and Food value chain: André Almeida

André M Almeida:

PhD in Biology from the New University of Lisbon. He worked in Animal Science in Portugal, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean. Assistant Professor with Habilitation at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia (University of Lisbon) since 2017, teaching Animal Science and Nutrition and coordinates the Master Program in Animal Science. His main research interests are nutritional physiology in farm animals, particularly ruminants, using as major tools proteomics and other associated Omics; supervises 6 PhD students and numerous MSc students and published 4 books, over 100 papers and participated in different national and international projects. AM Almeida is the Editor in Chief of Tropical Animal Health and Production (Springer), member of the board of the Journal of Dairy Research and invited editor for the Journal of Proteomics. Member of the evaluation panel of PRIMA initiative. He won the 2019 Boehringer Ingelheim award for presentation scientific quality at the Mediterranean Federation for the Ruminant Health and Production annual meeting held in León (Spain).


Head of TL4 Green & Blue infrastructures: Selma Pena

Selma B. Pena:

PhD in Landscape Architecture from Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA)/Ulisboa, Invited Assistant Professor at the Department of Natural Resources, Environment and Territory at ISA, teaches Landscape Planning at 1st and 2nd cycle Landscape Architecture Courses, since 2011 and supervises several MSc and PhD students.

Research focus on landscape and land use planning with ecologically based methodologies; green infrastructure; soil and water conservation; landscape restoration; landscape stability assessment in rural and urban territories; and development of GIS methodologies integrating policies and spatial planning tools. Working in a multidisciplinary team since 2004, she has carried out several academic and directly involving stakeholders and decision-makers projects, bringing research closer to society. With a few ISI publications and national and international book chapters, she is currently part of the direction board of the Portuguese Society for Landscape Ecology (APEP).


Mission of Alfa Team

  • to promote a dynamic and stimulating research & innovation environment to attract the most talented and motivated researchers.
  • to increase cohesion and productivity through projects that integrate the different areas of LEAF to enhance the focus on its distinctive competences, making it more competitive at national and international level;


  • LEAF as a Center of Excellence to be a national reference, internationally recognized and included in worldwide reference partnerships in its different scientific areas.

Core Values: WORK and TEAM


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  • Scientific Advisory Committee
  • Stakeholder Advisory Committee