Artigos científicos (ISI)

Almeida A. M., Martins M. J., Campagnolo M. L., Fernandez P., Albuquerque T., Gerassis S., Gonçalves J. C., Ribeiro M. M. (2022)

Prediction scenarios of past, present, and future environmental suitability for the Mediterranean species Arbutus unedo L.

Scientific Reports, 12: 84. DOI:

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Large-Scale Wildfire Mitigation Through Deep Reinforcement Learning

Frontiers in Forests and Global Change, 5:734330. DOI:

Canas S., Anjos O., Caldeira I., Fernandes T.A., Santos N., Lourenço S., Granja-Soares J., Fargeton l., Boissier B., Catarino S., (2022)

Micro-oxygenation level as a key to explain the variation in the colour and chemical composition of wine spirits aged with chestnut wood staves

LWT, 154: 112658. DOI:

Duarte G., Branco P., Haidvogl G., Ferreira M.T., Pont D., Segurado P. (2022)

iPODfish - A new method to infer the historical occurrence of diadromous fish species along river networks

Science of the Total Environment, 812: 152437. DOI:

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Nutrient enrichment increases invertebrate herbivory and pathogen damage in grasslands

Journal of Ecology, 110(2): 327– 339. DOI:

Franco J.C., Branco M., Conde S., Garcia A., Fernandes M.R., Santos J.L., Messina T., Duarte G., Fonseca A., Zina V., Ferreira M.T. (2022)

Ecological Infrastructures May Enhance Lepidopterans Predation in Irrigated Mediterranean Farmland, Depending on Their Typology and the Predator Guild

Sustainability, 14(7): 3874. DOI:

Froidevaux J.S.P., Duarte G. Fonseca A., Zina V., Conde S., Ferreira M. T., Fernandes M. R. (2022)

The location and vegetation physiognomy of ecological infrastructures determine bat activity in Mediterranean floodplain landscapes. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 332: 107929. DOI:

Ribeiro S., Cerveira A., Soares P., Fonseca T. (2022)

Natural Regeneration of Maritime Pine: A Review of the Influencing Factors and Proposals for Management

Forests, 13(3): 386. DOI:

Rosa N., Àvila G., Carbó J., Verjans W., Bonany J., Ramalho J.C., Asín L., Oliveira C.M. (2022)

Response of Malus x domestica Borkh to metamitron and high night temperature: effects on physiology and fruit abscission

Scientia Horticulturae, 292: 11061027. DOI:

Abraços-Duarte G., Ramos S., Valente F., da Silva E.B., Figueiredo E. (2021)

Functional response and predation rate of Dicyphus cerastii Wagner (Hemiptera: Miridae)

Insects, 12(6): 530. DOI:

Aguiar F., Rodrigues C., Pina J.P., Soares P. (2021)

Regeneration of riparian and maritime pine forests after a large wildfire on the largest public forest of Portugal

Forests, 12(4): 477. DOI:

Alegria C., Roque N., Albuquerque M.T.D., Fernandez P., Ribeiro M.M., Canavarro C. (2021)

Species distribution and productivity spatial modelling: a case study for maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Aiton) in Portugal

Forests, 12(3): 368. DOI:

Almeida C., Branco P., Segurado P., Ramos T.B., Ferreira M.T., Neves R., de Oliveira R.P. (2021)

Evaluation of the trophic status in a Mediterranean reservoir under climate change: an integrated modelling approach

Journal of Water and Climate Change, 12(3): 817-832. DOI:

Alonso-Rego C., Arellano-Pérez S., Guerra-Hernández J., Molina-Valero J.A., Martínez-Calvo A., Pérez-Cruzado C., Castedo-Dorado F., González-Ferreiro E., Álvarez-González J.G., Ruiz-González A.D. (2021)

Estimating stand and fire-related surface and canopy fuel variables in pine stands using low-density airborne and single-scan terrestrial laser scanning data

Remote Sensing, 13(24):5170. DOI:

Alves A., Cisneros E.F., Balmelli G., Marcucci Poltri S.N., Rodrigues J. (2021)

Assessment of eucalypts wood lignin content by analytical pyrolysis, comparison with Klason and total lignin contents

Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology, 41(6): 229-235. DOI:

Alves A.L., Leitão A.E.B., Sousa P.E.N., Santos M.F.P., Moscon P.S., Pessoa M.S., Pinheiro C.A., Morais P.C. (2021)

Antioxidant activity and stable free radicals in robusta Green Coffee Genotypes

Brazilian Journal of Development, 7 (4): 37312-37330. DOI:

Alves-Ferreira J., Lourenço A., Morgado F., Duarte L.C., Roseiro L.B., Fernandes M.C., Pereira H., Carvalheiro F. (2021)

Delignification of Cistus ladanifer biomass by organosolv and alkali processes

Energies, 14(42): 1127. DOI:

Amaral S.D., Branco P., Romão F., Ferreira M.T., Pinheiro A.N., Santos J.M. (2021)

Evaluation of low-head ramped weirs for a potamodromous cyprinid: effects of substrate addition and discharge on fish passage performance, stress and fatigue

Water, 13(6): 765. DOI:

Anjos O., Guiné R. P. F., Santos A. J. A., Paula V. B., Pereira H., Estevinho L. M. (2021)

Evaluation of FT-Raman and FTIR-ATR spectroscopy for the quality evaluation of Lavandula spp. Honey

Open Agriculture, 6: 47–56. DOI:

Araújo S.O., Peres R.S., Barata J., Lidon F.C., Ramalho J.C. (2021)

Characterising the agriculture 4.0 landscape - emerging trends, challenges and opportunities

Agronomy, 11(4): 667. DOI: