Characterization of wine aromatic profile and development of new products; characterization of wood material from a biorefinery perspective; CG/MS; Vibrational spectroscopy NIR, ATR-FTIR and RAMAN.


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Artigos Científicos (ISI)

Anjos O., Caldeira I., Pedro S.I., Canas S. (2020)

FT-Raman methodology applied to identify different ageing stages of wine spirits

WT – Food Science and Technology, 134: 110179 (in press). DOI:

Anjos O., Comesaña M. M., Caldeira I., Pedro S.I., Oller P.E., Canas S. (2020)

Application of functional data analysis and FTIR-ATR spectroscopy to discriminate wine spirits ageing

Mathematics, 8(6): 896. DOI:

Anjos O., Pedro S.I., Caldeira I., Cana S. (2020)

Screening of different ageing technologies for wine spirit by application of near‐infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and volatile quantification

Processes, 8(6): 736. DOI:

Coelho M.T., Valério F.A, Pedro S.I., Anjos O. (2020)

Application of FTIR-ATR to discriminate peach nectar with higher and low sugar content

Brazilian Journal of Food Technology, 23: e2018194. DOI:

Pedro S.I., Coelho E., Peres F., Machado A., Rodrigues A.M., Wessel D.F., Coimbra M.A., Anjos O. (2020)

Physicochemical fingerprint of “Pera Rocha do Oeste”. A PDO pear native from Portugal

Foods, 9(9): 1209. DOI:

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