Wood science and technology, cork, biorefineries, biomass


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Artigos Científicos (ISI)

Costa A., Pereira H., Madeira, M. (2009)

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Agroforestry Systems, 77: 83-96. DOI:

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Wood modification by heat treatment: a review

BioResources, 4(1): 370-404.

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Characterization of hairs and pappi from Cynara cardunculus capitula as a fibre raw material

Industrial Crops and Products, 29 (1): 116-125.

Miranda I., Gominho J., Lourenço A., Pereira H. (2009)

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Shatalov A. A., Pereira H. (2009)

Polyoxometalate catalyzed ozonation of chemical pulps in organic solvent media

Chemical Engineering Journal, 155: 380–387.

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