Lignocellulosic biomass fractionation; biorefinery; pulping and paper production and properties analysis; lignocellulosic wet and fine chemical analysis.


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Artigos Científicos (ISI)

Neiva D.M., Araújo S., Gominho J., Carneiro A.C., Pereira H. (2018)

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Industrial Crops and Product, 123: 262-270.

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An integrated characterization of Picea abies industrial bark regarding chemical composition, thermal properties and polar extracts activity

PLoS ONE, 13(11): e0208270.

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Strength properties and dimensional stability of particleboards with different proportions of thermally treated recycled pine particles

Holzforschung, 70(5): 467–474. DOI:

Araújo S., Boas M.A.V., Neiva D.M., Carneiro A.C., Vital B., Breguez M., Pereira H. (2016)

Effect of a mild torrefaction for production of eucalypt wood briquettes under different compression pressures

Biomass and Bioenergy, 90: 181-186.

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