Dendrochronology applied to cultural heritage (namely musical instruments, paintings and archaeological samples.


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Artigos Científicos (ISI)

Lauw A., Jansma E., Pereira H. (2022)

The art trade between Flanders and Madeira Island in the 15th and 16th centuries – The contribution of dendrochronology to the history of Portuguese heritage

Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 42: 103379. DOI:

Lauw A., Beuting M., Pereira H. (2021)

Violins and cellos from Portuguese collections. A tree ring study as a historical source of the Portuguese heritage

Journal of Cultural Heritage, 48: 161-170. DOI:

Cruz A.J., Ferreira E., Lauw A., Rego C., Pereira H. (2020)

Provincial workshops, influences from many and varied parts of the world: the case of the wooden supports of Belchior de Matos’ Mannerist paintings of Geraldes’ church (Peniche, Portugal)

Ge-Conservacion, 17(1), 82-99. DOI: 

Leite C., Oliveira V., Lauw A., Pereira H. (2019)

Cork rings suggest how to manage Quercus suber to mitigate the effects of climate changes

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 266: 12-19.

Antunes V., Candeias A., Mirao J., Carvalho M.L., Dias C.B., Manhita A., Cardoso A., Francisco M.J., Lauw A., Manso M. (2018)

Analytical characterization of the palette and painting techniques of Jorge Afonso, the great 16th century Master of Lisbon painting workshop

Spectrochimica Acta Part A – Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 193: 264-275.

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