Artigos científicos (ISI)

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Functional response and predation rate of Dicyphus cerastii Wagner (Hemiptera: Miridae)

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Evaluation of the trophic status in a Mediterranean reservoir under climate change: an integrated modelling approach

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Evaluation of low-head ramped weirs for a potamodromous cyprinid: effects of substrate addition and discharge on fish passage performance, stress and fatigue

Water, 13(6): 765. DOI:

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Combining landscape fire simulations with stand-level growth simulations to assist landowners in building wildfire-resilient landscapes

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Improving land cover classification using genetic programming for feature construction

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Response of the egg parasitoids of the pine processionary moth to host density and forest cover at the southern edge of the range

Agricultural and Forest Entomology, 23(2): 212-221. DOI:

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Knowledge gaps in the definition of threats for the red list assessment of European freshwater-dependent fish species

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Influence of river regulation and instream habitat on invertebrate assemblage' structure and function

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Wood anatomy and tree growth covary in riparian ash forests along climatic and ecological gradients

Dendrochronologia, 70: 12589. DOI:

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Translating the agricultural N surplus hazard into groundwater pollution risk – Implications for effectiveness of mitigation measures in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 306: 107204. DOI:

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RivFishTIME: A global database of fish time-series to study global change ecology in riverine systems.

Global Ecology and Biogeography, 30(1): 38-50. DOI:

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Reproductive output and insect behavior in hybrids and apomicts from Limonium ovalifolium and L. binervosum complexes (Plumbaginaceae) in an open cross-pollination experiment

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Speaking their language - Development of a multilingual decision-support tool for communicating invasive species risks to decision makers and stakeholders

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Barriers to ecological restoration in Europe: expert perspectives

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Major threats to European freshwater fish species

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Analysing the distance decay of community similarity in river networks using Bayesian methods

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Damn those damn dams: fluvial longitudinal connectivity impairment for European diadromous fish throughout the 20th century

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Intraguild predation and cannibalism among Dicyphini: Dicyphus cerastii vs. two commercialized species

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 169(1): 90-96. DOI:

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Integration of DNA-Based Approaches in Aquatic Ecological Assessment Using Benthic Macroinvertebrates

Water , 13(3): 331-331. DOI: