Artigos científicos (ISI)

Almeida A. M., Martins M. J., Campagnolo M. L., Fernandez P., Albuquerque T., Gerassis S., Gonçalves J. C., Ribeiro M. M. (2022)

Prediction scenarios of past, present, and future environmental suitability for the Mediterranean species Arbutus unedo L.

Scientific Reports, 12: 84. DOI:

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Nutrient enrichment increases invertebrate herbivory and pathogen damage in grasslands

Journal of Ecology, 110(2): 327– 339. DOI:

Rosa N., Àvila G., Carbó J., Verjans W., Bonany J., Ramalho J.C., Asín L., Oliveira C.M. (2022)

Response of Malus x domestica Borkh to metamitron and high night temperature: effects on physiology and fruit abscission

Scientia Horticulturae, 292: 11061027. DOI:

Abraços-Duarte G., Ramos S., Valente F., da Silva E.B., Figueiredo E. (2021)

Functional response and predation rate of Dicyphus cerastii Wagner (Hemiptera: Miridae)

Insects, 12(6): 530. DOI:

Alegria C., Roque N., Albuquerque M.T.D., Fernandez P., Ribeiro M.M., Canavarro C. (2021)

Species distribution and productivity spatial modelling: a case study for maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Aiton) in Portugal

Forests, 12(3): 368. DOI:

Barreiro S., Benali A., Rua J.C.P., Tomé M., Santos J.L., Pereira J.M.C. (2021)

Combining landscape fire simulations with stand-level growth simulations to assist landowners in building wildfire-resilient landscapes

Forests, 12(11): 1498. DOI:

Batista J.E., Cabral A.I.R., Vasconcelos M.J.P., Vanneschi L., Silva S. (2021)

Improving land cover classification using genetic programming for feature construction

Remote Sensing, 13(9): 1623. DOI:

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Accounting for competition in multi-environment tree genetic evaluations: a case study with hybrid pines

Annals of Forest Science, 78(1): 2. DOI:

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Understanding the impact of different landscape-level fuel management strategies on wildfire hazard in Central Portugal

Forests, 12(5): 522. DOI:

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Phenotypes of Pinus sylvestris are more coordinated under local harsher conditions across Europe

Journal of Ecology, 109(7): 2580-2596. DOI:

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Biomass and leaf acclimations to ultraviolet solar radiation in juvenile plants of Coffea arabica and C. canephora

Plants, 10(4): 640. DOI:

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Combining tree species composition and understory coverage indicators with optimization techniques to address concerns with landscape-level biodiversity

Land 2021, 10: 126. DOI:

Cameira M.R., Rolim J., Valente F., Dragosits U., Cordovil C.M.d.S. (2021)

Translating the agricultural N surplus hazard into groundwater pollution risk – Implications for effectiveness of mitigation measures in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 306: 107204. DOI:

Campagnolo M.L., Libonati R., Rodrigues J.A., Pereira J.M.C. (2021)

A comprehensive characterization of MODIS daily burned area mapping accuracy across fire sizes in tropical savannas

Remote Sensing of Environment, 252: 112115. DOI:

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Exploring physicochemical and cytogenomic diversity of African cowpea and common bean

Scientific Reports, 11: 12838. DOI:

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A centrality notion for graphs based on Tukey depth

Applied Mathematics and Computation, 40915: 126409. DOI:

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Food security and nutrition in Mozambique: comparative study with bean species commercialised in informal markets

Sustainability, 13: 8839. DOI:

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Can foliar pulverization with CaCl2 and Ca(NO3)2 trigger Ca enrichment in Solanum tuberosum L. tubers?

Plants, 10(2)245: 1-17. DOI:

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Directional selection on tree seedling traits driven by experimental drought differs between mesic and dry populations

Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution, 9: 722964. DOI:

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Effects of cork oak stripping on tree carbon and water fluxes

Forest Ecology and Management, 486: 118966. DOI: