Artigos científicos (ISI)

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Forest Ecology and Management, 481: 118690. DOI:

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Using GEDI lidar data and airborne laser scanning to assess height growth dynamics in fast-growing species: a showcase in Spain

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Power analysis as a tool to analyse trade-offs between ecosystem services in forest management: a case study from nine European countries

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A participatory and spatial multicriteria decision approach to prioritize the allocation of ecosystem services to management units

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Multicriteria decision analysis and group decision-making to select stand-level forest management models and support landscape-level collaborative planning

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Building Pareto Frontiers for ecosystem services tradeoff analysis in forest management planning integer programs

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A web-based approach for visualizing interactive decision maps

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An optimization approach to design forest road networks and plan timber transportation

Operational Research. DOI:

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Concerns about reported harvests in European forests

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Using enhanced data co-registration to update Spanish National Forest Inventories (NFI) and to reduce training data under LiDAR-assisted inference

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Using mixed integer programming and airborne laser scanning to generate forest management units

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Quantile regression for modelling the impact of climate in cork growth quantiles in Portugal

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Use of sewage sludge in silvopastoral systems under Pinus radiata D. Don: soil, tree growth, and pasture production

Agroforestry Systems, 95: 867–880. DOI:

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Forest management for optimizing soil protection: a landscape-level approach

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Mixtures of forest and agroforestry alleviate trade-offs between ecosystem services in European rural landscapes

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Global and European policies to foster agricultural sustainability: agroforestry

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Phytochemical characterization of phloem in maritime pine and stone pine in three sites in Portugal

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Growth, water use, and water use efficiency of Eucalyptus globulus and Pinus radiata plantations compared with natural stands of Roble-Hualo forest in the coastal mountains of central Chile

Forest Ecology and Management, 501: 119676. DOI: