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Navarro-Torre S., Ferrario S., Caperta A.D., Victorino G., Bailly M., Sousa V., Viegas W., Nogales A (2023)

Halotolerant endophytes promote grapevine regrowth after salt-induced defoliation

Journal of Plant Interactions, 18:1. DOI:

Sousa V., Miranda I, Quilhó T., Pereira H. (2023)

The Diversity of Wood and Non-Wood Forest Products: Anatomical, Physical, and Chemical Properties, and Potential Applications

Forests 14, 1988. DOI:

Vangeel T., Neiva D.M., Quilhó T., Costa R.A., Sousa V., Sels B.F., Pereira H. (2023)

Tree bark characterization envisioning an integrated use in a biorefinery

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 13: 2029–2043. DOI:

Bessa F., Sousa V., Quilhó T., Pereira H. (2022)

An integrated similarity analysis of anatomical and physical wood properties of tropical species from India, Mozambique, and East Timor

Forests, 13(10): 1675. DOI:

Pombo Cardoso I., Quilhó T., Sousa V., Santana de Sá S., França de Sá S., Martins V., Pereira C., Sousa R. (2022)

The Egyptian coffin from the Archaeological Museum of Carmo: material and technical study

Conservar Património, 41: 95-116. DOI:

Sousa V., Silva M.E., Louzada J.L., Pereira H. (2021)

Wood density and ring width in Quercus rotundifolia trees in Southern Portugal

Forests, 12(11): 1499. DOI:

Ferreira J.P.A., Miranda I., Sousa V.B., Pereira H. (2018)

Chemical composition of barks from Quercus faginea trees and characterization of their lipophilic and polar extracts

PLoS ONE, 13(5): e0197135. DOI: https://10.1371/journal.pone.0197135

Sousa V.B., Lousada J.L., Pereira H. (2018)

Variation of ring width and wood density in two unmanaged stands of the Mediterranean oak Quercus faginea

Forests, 9: 44. DOI: URL:

Miranda I., Sousa V., Ferreira J., Pereira H. (2017)

Chemical characterization and extractives composition of heartwood and sapwood from Quercus faginea

PLoS ONE, 12(6): e0179268. DOI:

Miranda I., Sousa V., Ferreira J., Pereira H. (2017)

Chemical composition and extractives composition of heartwood and sapwood from Quercus faginea

PLoS ONE, 12(6): e0179268.

Carmo J.F., Miranda I., Quilhó T., Sousa V.B., Cardoso S., Carvalho A.M., Carmo F.H.D.J., Latorraca V.F.J., Pereira H. (2016)

Copaifera langsdorffii bark as a source of chemicals: structural and chemical characterization

Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology, 36(5):305-317. DOI:

Carmo J.F., Miranda I., Quilhó T., Sousa V.B., Carmo F.H.D.J., Latorraca J.V.F., Pereira H. (2016)

Chemical and structural characterization of the bark of Albizia niopoides trees from the Amazon

Wood Science and Technology, 50(4): 677-692. DOI:

Sousa V.B., Louzada J.L, Pereira H. (2016)

Age trends and within-site effects in wood density and radial growth in Quercus faginea mature trees

Forest Systems, 25(1): e053. DOI:

Cardoso, S., Sousa, V.B., Quilhó, T., Pereira, H. (2015)

Anatomical variation of teakwood from unmanaged mature plantations in East Timor

Journal of Wood Science, 61: 326–333. DOI:

Sousa V.B., Louzada J.L., Pereira H. (2015)

Earlywood vessel features in Quercus faginea: relationship between ring width and wood density at two sites in Portugal

iForest – Biogeosciences and Forestry, 8: 866-873. DOI:

Pirralho, M., Flores, D., Sousa, V.B., Quilhó, T., Knapic, S., Pereira, H. (2014)

Evaluation on paper making potential of nine eucalyptus species based on wood anatomical features

Industrial Crops and Products, 54: 327–334. DOI:

Sousa V.B., Cardoso S., Pereira H. (2014)

Age trends in the wood anatomy of Quercus faginea

IAWA Journal, 35(3): 293-306. DOI:

Quilhó T., Sousa V., Tavares F., Pereira H. (2013)

Bark anatomy and cell size variation in Quercus faginea

Turkish Journal of Botany, 37: 561-570. DOI:

Sousa V.B., Cardoso S., Pereira H. (2013)

Ring width variation and heartwood development in Quercus faginea

Wood and Fiber Science, 45 (4): 405-414.

Leal S., Sousa V.B., Pereira H. (2012)

Cork oak (Quercus suber L.) wood hygroscopic properties and dimensional stability

Forest Systems, 21(3): 355-363. DOI:

Sousa V.B., Cardoso S., Quilhó T., Pereira H. (2012)

Growth rate and ring width variability of teak, Tectona grandis (Verbenaceae) in an unmanaged forest in East Timor

Revista de Biología Tropical (International Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation), 60 (1): 483-494. DOI:

Leal S., Sousa V.B., Knapic S., Louzada J.L., Pereira H. (2011)

Vessel size and number are contributors to define wood density in cork oak

European Journal of Forest Research, 130(6): 1023-1029. DOI:

Miranda I., Sousa V., Pereira H. (2011)

Wood properties of teak (Tectona grandis) from a mature unmanaged stand in East Timor

Journal of Wood Science, 57(3): 171-178. DOI:

Martins A., Raimundo F., Borges O., Linhares I., Sousa V., Coutinho J.P., Gomes-Laranjo J., Madeira M. (2009)

Effects of soil management practices and irrigation on plant water relations and productivity of chestnut stands under Mediterranean conditions

Plant Soil, 327: 57–70.

Sousa, V.B., Leal, S., Quilhó, T., Pereira, H. (2009)

Characterization of Cork Oak (Quercus Suber) Wood Anatomy

IAWA Journal, 30: 149–161. DOI:

Leal S., Sousa V.B., Pereira, H. (2007)

Radial variation of vessel size and distribution in cork oak wood (Quercus suber L.)

Wood Science and Technology, 41(4): 339-350.

Leal, S., Sousa, V.B., Pereira, H. (2006)

Within and between-tree variation in the biometry of wood rays and fibres in cork oak (Quercus suber L.)

Wood Science Technology, 40: 585–597. DOI:

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