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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Pedro S.I., Antunes C.A.L., Horta C., Pitacas I., Gonçalves J., Gominho J., Gallardo E., Anjos O. (2023)

Characterization of mineral composition and nutritional value of acacia green pods

Plants, 12(9): 1853. DOI:

Paula V., Pedro S.I., Campos M.G., Delgado T., Estevinho L.M., Anjos O. (2022)

Special bioactivities of phenolics from Acacia dealbata L. with potential for dementia, diabetes and antimicrobial treatments

Applied Sciences, 12 (3): 1022. DOI:

Pedro S.I., Rosado T., Barroca C., Neiva D., Alonso-Herranz V., Gradillas A., GarcĂ­a A., Gominho J., Gallardo E., Anjos O. (2022)

Characterisation of the phenolic profile of Acacia retinodes and Acacia mearnsii flowers’ extracts

Plants, 11(11): 1442. DOI:

Anjos O., Caldeira I., Pedro S.I., Canas S. (2020)

FT-Raman methodology applied to identify different ageing stages of wine spirits

WT – Food Science and Technology, 134: 110179 (in press). DOI:

Anjos O., Comesaña M. M., Caldeira I., Pedro S.I., Oller P.E., Canas S. (2020)

Application of functional data analysis and FTIR-ATR spectroscopy to discriminate wine spirits ageing

Mathematics, 8(6): 896. DOI:

Anjos O., Pedro S.I., Caldeira I., Cana S. (2020)

Screening of different ageing technologies for wine spirit by application of near‐infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and volatile quantification

Processes, 8(6): 736. DOI:

Coelho M.T., Valério F.A, Pedro S.I., Anjos O. (2020)

Application of FTIR-ATR to discriminate peach nectar with higher and low sugar content

Brazilian Journal of Food Technology, 23: e2018194. DOI:

Pedro S.I., Coelho E., Peres F., Machado A., Rodrigues A.M., Wessel D.F., Coimbra M.A., Anjos O. (2020)

Physicochemical fingerprint of “Pera Rocha do Oeste”. A PDO pear native from Portugal

Foods, 9(9): 1209. DOI:

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