Chemistry of wood and non-woody; Extractives analysis; GC-MS; Plant Cuticle structural composition and chemical analysis.


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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Malengue A.S., Miranda I., SimÔes R., Lourenço A., Gominho J., Pereira H. (2023)

Cork cellular and chemical features underlying bark environmental protection in the Miombo species Parinari curatellifoila

Heliyon, 9 (10): e21135. DOI:

Pereira H., SimÔes R., Miranda I. (2023)

Cuticular waxes and cutin in Terminalia catappa leaves from the equatorial São Tomé and Príncipe islands

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ƞen A. U., SimĂ”es R., YĂŒcedağ C., Miranda I., Fernandes Â., Pereira H. (2023)

Biochemical characterization and fuel properties of endemic Taurus flowering ash (Fraxinus ornus subsp. cilicica) bark from Turkey

Processes, 11(9):2774. DOI:

SimÔes R., Miranda I., Pereira H. (2023)

Variation in leaf cutin content and chemical composition along one annual cycle in the Mediterranean cork oak (Quercus suber L.).

Forests, 14(2): 334. DOI:

Freitas L., SimÔes R., Miranda I., Peres F., Ferreira-Dias S. (2022)

Optimization of autohydrolysis of olive pomaces to obtain bioactive oligosaccharides: the effect of cultivar and fruit ripening

Catalysts, 12(7): 788. DOI:

Mangione R., SimÔes R., Pereira H., Catarino S., Ricardo-da-Silva J., Miranda I., Ferreira-Dias S. (2022)

Potential use of grape stems and pomaces from two red grapevine cultivars as source of oligosaccharides

Processes, 10: 1896. DOI:

SimÔes R., Alves A., Pathauer P.S., Palazzini D.A., Marcuci-Poltri S.N., Rodrigues J. (2022)

Prediction of the extractives content of Eucalyptus globulus wood using NIR-based PLS-R models. Influence of spectral range and preprocessing on the percentage of outliers detected

Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology. DOI:

SimÔes R., Branco M., Nogueira C., Carvalho C., Santos-Silva C., Ferreira-Dias S., Miranda I., Pereira H. (2022)

Phytochemical composition of extractives in the inner cork layer of cork oaks with low and moderate Coraebus undatus attack

Forests, 13: 1517. DOI:

SimÔes R., Miranda I., Pereira H. (2022)

The influence of solvent and extraction time on yield and chemical selectivity of cuticular waxes from Quercus suber leaves.

Processes, 10(11): 2270. DOI:

SimÔes R., Miranda I., Pereira H. (2022)

Effect of seasonal variation on leaf cuticular waxes’ composition in the Mediterranean Cork Oak (Quercus suber L.).

Forests, 13(8): 1236.. DOI:

SimÔes R., Miranda I., Pereira H. (2022)

Cutin extraction and composition determined under differing depolymerisation conditions in cork oak leaves

Phytochemical Analysis, 33(1): 127-135. DOI:

Miranda I., SimÔes R., Medeiros B., Nampoothiri K.M., Sukumaran R.K., Rajan D., Pereira H., Ferreira-Dias S. (2019)

Valorization of lignocellulosic residues from the olive oil industry by production of lignin, glucose and functional sugars

Bioresource Technology, 292:121936. DOI:

Alves A., Santos S., SimÔes R., Rodrigues J.C. (2018)

Characterization of residual lignin in cellulose isolated by the diglyme method from three Pinus species by IR spectroscopy and analytical pyrolysis

Holzforschung, 72(2): 91-96. DOI:

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Book Chapters

Rodrigues J., Lousada J., Alves A., SimÔes R. (2014)

CaracterĂ­sticas quĂ­micas da madeira de Pinus Sylvestris L.

In: Pinheiro silvestre em Portugal: O extremo sudoeste ou apenas o fim? Editors: J. Lima-Brito, J Lousada, J Bento. Eds., pp 36-37.


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