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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Costa R.A., Lourenço A., Patrício H., Quilhó T., Gominho J. (2023)

Valorization of pine nut industry residues on a biorefinery concept

Waste and Biomass Valorization. DOI:

Vangeel T., Neiva D.M., QuilhĂł T., Costa R.A., Sousa V., Sels B.F., Pereira H. (2023)

Tree bark characterization envisioning an integrated use in a biorefinery

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 13: 2029–2043. DOI:

Lourenço A., Kukic D., Vasic V., Costa R.A., Antov M., Sciban M., Gominho J. (2022)

Valorisation of lignocellulosic wastes, the case study of eucalypt stumps lignin as bioadsorbent for the removal of Cr (VI)

Molecules, 27(19): 6246. DOI:

Gominho J., Costa R.A., Lourenço A., Quilhó T., Pereira H. (2021)

Eucalyptus globulus stumps bark: chemical and anatomical characterization under a valorisation perspective

Waste Biomass Valor, 12: 1253–1265. DOI:

Neiva D.M., Costa R.A., Gominho J., Ferreira-Dias S., Pereira H. (2020)

Fractionation and valorization of industrial bark residues by autohydrolysis and enzymatic saccharification

Bioresource Technology Reports, 11: 100441. DOI:

Costa R., Lourenço A., Oliveira V., Pereira H. (2019)

Chemical characterization cork, phloem and wood from different Quercus suber provenances and trees

Heliyon, 5(12): e02910. DOI:

Gominho J., Costa R., Lourenço A., Neiva D.M., Pereira H. (2019)

The effect of different pre-treatments to improve delignification of eucalypt stumps in a biorefinery context

Bioresource Technology Reports, 6: 89-95. DOI:

Rollo A., Lojka B., Honys D., MandĂĄk B., Wong J.A.C., Santos C., Costa R., Quintela-SabarĂ­s C., Ribeiro M.M. (2016)

Genetic diversity and hybridization in the two species Inga ingoides and Inga edulis: potential applications for agroforestry in the Peruvian Amazon

Annals of Forest Science, 73(2): 425-435. DOI:

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Pereira-Lorenzo S., Ballester A., Corredoira E., Vieitez A.M., Agnanostakis S., Costa R., Bounous G., Botta R.., Beccaro G.L., Kubisiak T.L., Conedera M., Krebs P., Yamamoto T., Sawamura Y., Takada N., Gomes-Laranjo J., Ramos-Cabrer A.M. (2012)


In: Fruit breeding. M.L. Badenes, D. Byrne (Eds.). Springer Series “Handbook of Plant Breeding”. XVI, Springer, pp. 875. ISBN: 978-1-4419-0762-2 DOI:


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