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Moniz P., Serralheiro C., Matos C.T., Boeriu C.G., Frissen A.E, Duarte L.C., Roseiro L B., Pereira H., Carvalheiro F. (2018)

Membrane separation and characterisation of lignin and its derived products obtained by a mild ethanol organosolv treatment of rice straw

Process Biochemistry, 65: 136-145. DOI:

Moniz P., Ho A.L., Duarte L.C., Kolida S., Rastall R.A., Pereira H., Carvalheiro F. (2016)

Assessment on the bifidogenic effect of substituted xylo-oligosaccharides obtained from corn straw

Carbohydrate Polymers, 136: 466-473.

Moniz P., Lino J., Duarte L.C., Roseiro L.B., Boeriu C.G., Pereira H., Carvalheiro F. (2015)

Fractionation of hemicelluloses and lignin from rice straw by combining autohydrolysis and optimised mild organosolv delignification

BioResources, 10(2):2626-2641.

Moniz P., Pereira H., Duarte, L.C., Carvalheiro, F. (2014)

Hydrothermal production and gel filtration purification of xylo-oligosaccharides from rice straw

Industrial Crops and Products, 62: 460-465.

Moniz P., Pereira H., QuilhĂł T., Carvalheiro F. (2013)

Characterisation and hydrothermal processing of corn straw towards the selective fractionation of hemicelluloses

Industrial Crops and Products, 50: 145-153.

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