Valorization of agroforest wastes; production of lipids and biodiesel.


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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Souza-Gonçalves J., Fialho A., Soares C.M.F., Osório N.M., Ferreira-Dias S. (2023)

Continuous production of dietetic structured lipids using crude acidic olive pomace oils

Molecules, 28(6):2637. DOI:

Heinzl G.C., Mota D.A., Martinis V., Martins A.S., Soares C.M.F., Osório N., Gominho J., Madhavan Nampoothiri K., Sukumaran R.K., Pereira H., Ferreira-Dias S. (2022)

Integrated bioprocess for structured lipids, emulsifiers and biodiesel production using crude acidic olive pomace oils

Bioresource Technology, 346: 126646. DOI:

Ferreira-Dias S, Osório N. (2020)

Valorization of crude olive pomace oil: lipase-catalyzed production of dietetic structured lipids, emulsifiers and biodiesel

Inform, Vol 31 (7). DOI:

Mota D.A., Rajan D., Heinzl, G.C., Osório N.M., Gominho J., Krause L.C., Soares C.M.F., Nampoothiri K.M., Sukumaran R.K., Ferreira-Dias S. (2020)

Production of low-calorie structured lipids from spent coffee grounds or olive pomace crude oils catalyzed by immobilized lipase in magnetic nanoparticles

Bioresource Technology, 307: 123223. DOI:

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Book Chapters

Ferreira-Dias S., Osório N.M., Tecelão C. (2022)

Bioprocess technologies for production of structured lipids as nutraceuticals

In: Current Developments in Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Amit Kumar Rai, Sudhir P. Singh, Ashok Pandey, Christian Larroche, Carlos Ricardo Soccol (Eds.), pp. 209-237. Elsevier.. ISBN: 9780128235065 DOI:


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