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Casau M., Dias M.F., Matias J.C.O., Nunes L.J.R. (2022)

Residual biomass: a comprehensive review on the importance, uses and potential in a circular bioeconomy approach.

Resources, 11 (4): 35.. DOI:

Casau M., Ferreira Dias M., Teixeira L., Matias J.C.O., Nunes L.J.R. (2022)

Reducing rural fire risk through the development of a sustainable supply chain model for residual agroforestry biomass supported in a web platform: a case study in Portugal Central Region with the Project BioAgroFloRes.

Fire, 5(3): 61. . DOI:

Esteves B., Cruz-Lopes L., Viana H., Ferreira J., Domingos I., Nunes L.J.R. (2022)

The influence of age on the wood properties of Paulownia tomentosa (Thunb.) Steud.

Forests, 13 (5): 700.. DOI:

Nunes L.J.R. (2022)

Creation of value chains for the sustainability of control and eradication actions on Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Swingle

Environments, 9(5): 64. DOI:

Nunes L.J.R., Casau M., Matias J.C.O., Dias M.F. (2022)

Assessment of woody residual biomass generation capacity in the central region of Portugal: analysis of the power production potential

Land, 11: 1722. DOI:

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