Biomass deconstruction, pretreatments/fractionation processes, integrated upgrading of biomass in a biorefinery framework.


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Alves-Ferreira J., Duarte L, Fernandez M.C., Pereira H., Cavalheiro F. (2023)

Cistus ladanifer as a potential feedstock for biorefineries: A review

Energies, 16(1): 391. DOI:

Fernandes M.C., Alves-Ferreira J., Duarte L.C., Pereira H., Carvalheiro F., MartĂ­nez, A. (2023)

D-lactic acid production from hydrothermally pretreated, alkali delignified and enzymatically saccharified rockrose with the metabolic engineered Escherichia coli strain JU15.

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 13: 12849-12958. DOI:

Alves-Ferreira J., Lourenço A., Morgado F., Duarte L.C., Roseiro L.B., Fernandes M.C., Pereira H., Carvalheiro F. (2021)

Delignification of Cistus ladanifer biomass by organosolv and alkali processes

Energies, 14(42): 1127. DOI:

Alves-Ferreira J., Miranda I., Duarte L., Roseiro L., Lourenço A., Quilhó T., Cardoso S., Fernandes M.C., Carvalheiro F., Pereira H. (2020)

Cistus ladanifer as a source of chemicals: structural and chemical characterization

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 10: 325–337. DOI:

Alves-Ferreira J., Duarte L.C., Fernandes M.C., Pereira H., Carvalheiro F. (2019)

Hydrothermal treatments of Cistus ladanifer industrial residues obtained from essential oil distilleries

Waste and Biomass Valorization, 10 (5): 1303-1310. DOI:

Alves-Ferreira J., Duarte L.C., Lourenço A., Roseiro L.B., Fernandes M.C., Pereira H., Carvalheiro F. (2019)

Distillery residues from Cistus ladanifer (rockrose) as a feedstock for the production of added-value phenolic compounds and hemicellulosic oligosaccharides

BioEnergy Research, 12: 347–358. DOI:

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