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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Alves A., Graça J., Rodrigues J. (2022)

Analytical pyrolysis as a tool to assess residual lignin content and structure in Maritime Pine high-yield pulp

Forests, 13(12): 2169. . DOI:

Alves A., Rodrigues J.C. (2022)

Correlation between lignin content and syringyl-to-guaiacyl (S/G) ratio of Eucalyptus globulus wood

Holzforschung, 76(9): 791-798. DOI:

SimÔes R., Alves A., Pathauer P.S., Palazzini D.A., Marcuci-Poltri S.N., Rodrigues J. (2022)

Prediction of the extractives content of Eucalyptus globulus wood using NIR-based PLS-R models. Influence of spectral range and preprocessing on the percentage of outliers detected

Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology. DOI:

Alves A., Cisneros E.F., Balmelli G., Marcucci Poltri S.N., Rodrigues J. (2021)

Assessment of eucalypts wood lignin content by analytical pyrolysis, comparison with Klason and total lignin contents

Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology, 41(6): 229-235. DOI:

Palanti S., Alves A., Rodrigues J., Danti R. (2021)

Determination of extractive content in Cupressus sempervirens wood through a NIRS-PLSR model and its correlation with durability

International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation, 162:105247. DOI:

Alves A., Hevia A., SimÔes R., Majada J., Alia R., Rodrigues J.C. (2020)

Improving spatial synchronization between X-ray and near-infrared spectra information to predict wood density profiles

Wood Science and Technology, 54: 1151-1164. DOI:

Alves A., SimÔes R., Lousada J.L., Lima-Brito J., Rodrigues J. (2020)

Predicting the lignin H/G ratio of Pinus sylvestris L. wood samples by PLS-R models based on near-infrared spectroscopy

Holzforschung, 74(7). DOI:

Dias A., Carvalho A., Silva M.E., Lima-Brito J., Gaspar M.J., Alves A., Rodrigues J.C., Pereira F., Morais J., Lousada J.L. (2020)

Physical, chemical and mechanical wood properties of Pinus nigra growing in Portugal

Annals of Forest Science, 77(3): 72. DOI:

Enes T., Aranha J., Fonseca T., Lopes D., Alves A., Lousada J. (2019)

Thermal properties of residual agroforestry biomass of Northern Portugal

Energies, 12(8):1418. DOI:

Alves A., Santos S., SimÔes R., Rodrigues J.C. (2018)

Characterization of residual lignin in cellulose isolated by the diglyme method from three Pinus species by IR spectroscopy and analytical pyrolysis

Holzforschung, 72(2): 91-96. DOI:

Ployet R., Soler M., Carocha V., Ladouce N., Alves A., Rodrigues J.C., Harvengt L., Marque C., TeuliĂšres C., Grima-Pettenati J., Mounet F. (2018)

Long cold exposure induces transcriptional and biochemical remodelling of xylem secondary cell wall in Eucalyptus

Tree Physiology, 38(3): 409-422. DOI:

Gebreselassie M.N., Ader K., Boizot N., Millier F., Charpentier J.P., Alves A., SimÔes R., Rodrigues J., Bodineau G., Fabbrini F., Sabatti M., Bastien C., Segura V. (2017)

Near-infrared spectroscopy enables the genetic analysis of chemical properties in a large set of wood samples from Populus nigra (L.) natural populations

Industrial Crops and Products, 107: 159-171.

Moreno-Cortés A., Hernadez-Verdeja T., Ramos-Sanchez J.M., Gonzalez-Melendi P., SimÔes R., Alves A., Rodrigues J., Guijarro M., Canellas I., Sixto H., Allona I. (2017)

Impact of RAV1-engineering on poplar biomass production: a short-rotation coppice field trial

Biotechnology for Biofuels, 10:110.

Machado J., Santos S., Pinho F.F.S., Fåbio L., Alves A., SimÔes R., Rodrigues J.C. (2016)

Impact of high moisture conditions on serviceability performance of wood plastic decks

Materials & Design, 103:122-131.

Pecoraro E., Pizzo B., Alves A., Macchioni N., Rodrigues J. (2015)

Measuring the chemical composition of waterlogged decayed wood by near infrared spectroscopy

Microchemical Journal, 122: 176-188.

Pizzo B., Pecoraro E., Alves A., Macchioni N., Rodrigues J.C. (2015)

Quantitative evaluation by attenuated total reflectance infrared (ATR-FTIR) spectroscopy of the chemical composition of decayed wood preserved in waterlogged conditions

Talanta, 131: 14-20.

Camargo E., Nascimento L., Soler M., Salazar M., Lepikson-Neto J., Marques W., Alves A., Teixeira P., Mieczkowski P., Carazzolle M., Martinez Y., Deckmann A., Rodrigues J., Grima-Pettenati J., Pereira G. (2014)

Contrasting nitrogen fertilization treatments impact xylem gene expression and secondary cell wall lignification in Eucalyptus

BMC Plant Biology, 14:256.

Alves A., Santos A., Rozenberg P., PĂąques L.E., Charpentier J.P., Schwanninger M., Rodrigues J. (2012)

A common near infrared—based partial least squares regression model for the prediction of wood density of Pinus pinaster and Larix × eurolepis

Wood Science and Technology, 46(1-3): 157-175. DOI:

Alves A., SimÔes R., Santos C., Potts B., Rodrigues J., Schwanninger M. (2012)

Determination of Eucalyptus globulus wood extractives content by NIR-based PLS-R models: Comparison between extraction procedures

Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy, 20: 275-285.

Santos A.J.A., Alves A.M.M., SimÔes R.M.S., Pereira, H., Rodrigues J., Schwanninger M. (2012)

Estimation of wood basic density of Acacia melanoxylon (R.Br.) by near infrared spectroscopy

Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy, 20(2): 267-274.

Alves A., SimÔes R., Stackpole D.J., Vaillancourt R.E., Potts B.M., Schwanninger M., Rodrigues J. (2011)

Determination of the syringyl/guaiacyl ratio of Eucalyptus globulus wood lignin by near infrared-based partial least squares regression models using analytical pyrolysis as the reference method

Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy, 19(5): 343-348. DOI:

Gaspar M.J., Alves A., Louzada J.L., Morais J., Santos A., Fernandes C., Almeida M.H., Rodrigues J.C. (2011)

Genetic variation of chemical and mechanical traits of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Aiton). Correlations with wood density components

Annals of Forest Science, 68(2):255-265.

Alves A., Schwanninger M., Rodrigues J. (2009)

Analytical pyrolysis: a direct method to determine the lignin content in wood. Part 3: Evaluation of species-specific and tissue-specific differences in lignin composition using Principal Component Analysis

Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 85: 30-37.

Alves A., Rodrigues J., Wimmer R., Schwanninger M. (2008)

Analytical pyrolysis: a direct method to determine the lignin content in wood. Part 2: Evaluation of the common model and the influence of compression wood

Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 81: 167-172.

Paiva J.A.P., Garces M., Alves A., Garnier-Gere P., Rodrigues J., Lalanne C., Porcon S., Le Provost G., Perez D.D., Brach J., Frigerio J.M., Claverol S., Barre A., Fevereiro P., Plomion C (2008)

Molecular and phenotypic profiling from the base to the crown in maritime pine wood-forming tissue

New Phytologist, 178: 283-301.

Paiva J.A.P., Garnier-Gere P.H., Rodrigues J.C., Alves A., Santos S., Graca J., Le Provost G., Chaumeil P., Silva-Perez D., Bosc A., Fevereiro P., Plomion C. (2008)

Plasticity of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) wood-forming tissues during a growing season

New Phytologist, 179 (4): 1080-1094.

Álvarez-Godoy E., Rodrigues J., Alves A., Álvarez-Lazo D. (2007)

Estudio del contenido y la calidad de la lignina mediante pirólisis analítica en madera de Pinus caribaea. Maderas

Ciencia y Tecnologia, 9(2): 179-188.

Alves A., Santos A., Silva-Perez D, Rodrigues J.C., Pereira H., SimÔes R., Schwanninger M. (2007)

NIR PLSR model selection for Kappa number prediction of maritime pine kraft pulps

Wood Science and Technology, 41(6): 491-499.

Silva-Perez D., Guillemain A., Alazard P., Plomion C., Rozemberg P., Rodrigues J., Alves A., Chantre G. (2007)

Improvement of Pinus pinaster wood elite trees selection by combining near infrared spectroscopy and genetic tools

Holzforschung, 61: 611-622.

Sousa-Correia C., Alves A., Rodrigues J., Ferreira-Dias S., Abreu J.M., Maxted N., Ford-Lloyd B., Schwanninger M. (2007)

Oil content estimation of single kernel of Quercus sp. acorns by near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and partial least squares regression (PLSR)

Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy, 15: 247-260.

Alves A., Schwanninger M., Pereira H., Rodrigues J. (2006)

Analytical pyrolysis: A direct method to determine the lignin content in wood. Part 1: Comparison of Py-lignin with the Klason lignin method

Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 76: 209-213 .

Alves A., Schwanninger M., Pereira H., Rodrigues J. (2006)

Calibration of NIR to assess lignin composition (H/G ratio) in Maritime pine wood using analytical pyrolysis as the reference method

Holzforschung, 60: 29-31..

Rodrigues J., Alves A., Pereira H., Silva-Perez D., Chantre G., Schwanninger M. (2006)

NIR PLSR results obtained by calibration with noisy, low-precision reference values: Are the results acceptable?

Holzforschung, 60: 402-408.

Rodrigues J., Nascimento A.C., Alves A., OsĂłrio N.M., Pires A.S., GusmĂŁo J.H., Fonseca M.M.R., Ferreira-Dias S. (2005)

Calibration of near infrared spectroscopy for solid fat content of fat blends analysis using nuclear magnetic resonance data

Analytica Chimica Acta, 574: 213-218.

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Book Chapters

Rodrigues J., Lousada J., Alves A., SimÔes R. (2014)

CaracterĂ­sticas quĂ­micas da madeira de Pinus Sylvestris L.

In: Pinheiro silvestre em Portugal: O extremo sudoeste ou apenas o fim? Editors: J. Lima-Brito, J Lousada, J Bento. Eds., pp 36-37.

Sousa-Correia C.M., Abreu J.M., Ferreira-Dias S., Rodrigues J., Alves A., Maxted N., Ford-Lloyd B. (2008)

Linking conservation to sustainable use of underutilized crops: enhancing productivity of Q. ilex subsp. rotundifolia (Lam.) O. Schwarz in traditional agro-sylvo-pastoral systems in Southern Portugal

In: Crop wild relative conservation and use. Maxted N., Ford-Lloyd B. V., Kell S. P., Iriondo J. M., Dulloo M. E., Turok J. (Eds.) CAB International, Wallingford, UK, pp. 638-648. ISBN: 9781845930998 DOI:


RN21 – Inovação na Fileira da Resina Natural para Reforço da Bioeconomia Nacional

RN21 – Inovação na Fileira da Resina Natural para Reforço da Bioeconomia Nacional

Duration: 2022-2025

CEF Budget: 215,916 €


Avaliação probabilística de estruturas de madeira em serviço

Duration: 2016-2019

CEF Budget: 37.158 €