Scientific Articles (ISI)

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Maceration of waste cork in binary hydrophilic solvents for the production of functional extracts

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Continuous production of dietetic structured lipids using crude acidic olive pomace oils

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Production of oligosaccharides from pine nut shells by autohydrolysis

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Correlation between lignin content and syringyl-to-guaiacyl (S/G) ratio of Eucalyptus globulus wood

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PLS-R calibration models for wine spirit volatile phenols prediction by near-infrared spectroscopy

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Development of a biodegradable plastic film extruded with the addition of a Brazilian propolis by-product

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An integrated similarity analysis of anatomical and physical wood properties of tropical species from India, Mozambique, and East Timor

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Improving the understanding of wood bonding: behavior of different adhesives on the surface of eucalyptus and pine wood

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Volatilomics as an emerging strategy to determine potential biomarkers of female infertility: a pilot study

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Micro-oxygenation level as a key to explain the variation in the colour and chemical composition of wine spirits aged with chestnut wood staves

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