Invasive insect species


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Nunes, P., Robinet, C-, Branco, M., Franco J.C. (2023)

Modelling the invasion dynamics of the African citrus psyllid: The role of human-mediated dispersal and urban and peri-urban citrus trees

NeoBiota, 84: 369-396. DOI:

Nunes P., Branco M., Van Halder I., Jactel H. (2021)

Modelling Monochamus galloprovincialis dispersal trajectories across a heterogeneous landscape to optimize monitoring by trapping networks

Landscape Ecology, 36: 931–941. DOI:

Branco M., Nunes P., Roques A., Fernandes M.R., Orazio C., Jactel H. (2019)

Urban trees facilitate the establishment of non-native forest insects.

NeoBiota, 52: 25-46. DOI:

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