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Canadas M.J., Leal M., Soares F., Novais A., Ribeiro P.F., Schmidt L., Delicado A., Moreira F., Bergonse R., Oliveira S., Madeira P.M., Santos J.L. (2023)

Wildfire mitigation and adaptation: two locally independent actions supported by different policy domains

Land Use Policy, 124: 106444.. DOI:

Moreira, F., Leal, M., Bergonse, R., Canadas, M.J., Novais, A., Oliveira, S., Ribeiro, P. F., ZĂȘzere, J.L., & Santos, J.L. (2023)

Recent trends in fire regimes and associated territorial features in a megafire-prone Mediterranean region

Fire, 6(2): 60. DOI:

Ribeiro, P. F., Moreira, F., Canadas, M. J., Novais, A., Leal, M., Oliveira, S., Bergonse, R., ZĂȘzere, J. L., Santos, J. L. (2023)

Promoting Low-Risk Fire Regimes: An Agent-Based Model to Explore Wildfire Mitigation Policy Options

Fire, 6(3): 102. DOI:

SimÔes R.S., Ribeiro P.F., Santos J.L. (2023)

Estimating the Trade-Offs between Wildfires and Carbon Stocks across Landscape Types to Inform Nature-Based Solutions in Mediterranean Regions

Fire 6(10):397. DOI:

Bergonse R., Oliveira S., ZĂȘzere J. L., Moreira F., Ribeiro P.F., Leal M., Lima e Santos J.M. (2022)

Biophysical controls over fire regime properties in Central Portugal

Science of the Total Environment, 810: 152314. DOI:

Bergonse, R., Oliveira, S., ZĂȘzere, J.L., Moreira, F., Ribeiro, P. F., Leal, M., & Santos, J.M.L. (2022)

Differentiating Fire Regimes and Their Biophysical Drivers in Central Portugal

Fire, 6(3). DOI:

Morgado R., Ribeiro P.F., Santos J.L., Rego F., Beja P., Moreira F. (2022)

Drivers of irrigated olive grove expansion in Mediterranean landscapes and associated biodiversity impacts

Landscape and Urban Planning, 225: 104429. DOI: https://10.1016/j.landurbplan.2022.104429

Ribeiro P.P.C.F., Lima Santos J.M.O.B., Canadas M.J.P.R., Novais A.M.C.V., Moreira F.M.R.F., Lomba A.C.A.R. (2021)

Explaining farming systems spatial patterns: a farm-level choice model based on socioeconomic and biophysical drivers

Agricultural Systems, 191: 103140. DOI:

Santos J.L., Moreira F., Ribeiro P.F., Canadas M.J., Novais A., Lomba A. (2021)

A farming systems approach to linking agricultural policies with biodiversity and ecosystem services

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 19(3): 168-175. DOI:

Silva J.F., Santos J.L., Ribeiro P.F., Canadas M.J., Novais A., Lomba A., MagalhĂŁes M.R., Moreira F. (2020)

Identifying and explaining the farming system composition of agricultural landscapes: The role of socioeconomic drivers under strong biophysical gradients

Landscape and Urban Planning, 202: 10387. DOI:

Ribeiro P.F., Nunes L.C., Beja P., Reino L., Santana J., Moreira F., Santos J.L. (2018)

A spatially explicit choice model to assess the impact of conservation policy on high nature value farming systems.

Ecological Economics, 145: 331-338.

Santana J., Porto M., Reino L., Moreira F., Ribeiro P.F., Santos J.L., Rotenberry J.T., Beja P. (2017)

Using beta diversity to inform agricultural policies and conservation actions on Mediterranean farmland.

Journal of Applied Ecology, 54: 1825–1835.

Santana J., Reino L., Stoate C., Moreira F., Ribeiro P.F., Santos J.L., Rotenberry J.T., Beja P. (2017)

Combined effects of landscape composition and heterogeneity on farmland avian diversity.

Ecology and Evolution, 7(4): 1212-1223.

Ribeiro P.F., Santos J.L., Santana J., Reino L., Beja P., Moreira F. (2016)

An applied farming systems approach to infer conservation-relevant agricultural practices for agri-environment policy design.

Land Use Policy, 58: 165-172.

Ribeiro P.F., Santos J.L., Santana J., Reino L., LeitĂŁo P., Beja P., Moreira F. (2016)

Landscape makers and landscape takers: links between farming systems and landscape patterns along an intensification gradient.

Landscape Ecology, 31(4):791–803.

Ribeiro P.F., Lima Santos J., Bugalho M.N., Santana J., Reino L., Beja P., Moreira F. (2014)

Modelling farming system dynamics in High Nature Value Farmland under policy change.

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 183: 138–144.

Santana J., Reino L., Stoate C., Borralho R., Carvalho C. R., Schindler S., Moreira F., Bugalho M. N., Ribeiro P. F., Santos J. L., Vaz A., Morgado R., Porto M., Beja P. (2013)

Mixed effects of long-term conservation investment in Natura 2000 farmland.

Conservation Letters, 7(5): 467-477.

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