Riparian ecology; remote sensing and GIS applications; optical traits; landscape metrics; remote detection of alien species.


Project RIVEAL releases new fact sheet - River regulation effects in riparian carbon stock
Project RIVEAL releases new fact sheet – River regulation effects in riparian carbon stock
This factsheet ‚Äď River regulation effects in riparian carbon stock ‚Äď features the latest scientific … Read More
CEF paper published in Forests highlights the role of riparian forests as carbon sinks
CEF paper published in Forests highlights the role of riparian forests as carbon sinks
The riparian forests (trees and shrubs located in the river banks) of the Tagus basin … Read More
CEF paper on the morphological diversity of the Portuguese Tagus River in the last 150 years
CEF paper on the morphological diversity of the Portuguese Tagus River in the last 150 years
CEF paper on the morphological diversity of the Portuguese Tagus River in the last 150 … Read More


Scientific Articles (ISI)

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Zina V., Franco J.C., Branco M., Fernandes M.R., Duarte G., Fonseca A., Ferreira M.T. (2022)

Ecological Infrastructures May Enhance Lepidopterans Predation

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Mainstreaming Ecological Restoration of freshwater-related ecosystems in a Landscape context: INnovation, upscaling and transformation

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Something in the way they move: how global patterns of wildlife trade influence global invasion success

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RIVEAL: Valores e serviços dos ecossistemas fluviais e das florestas ripárias em paisagens fluviais alteradas e futuros climáticos incertos

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Optimal Greening of Irrigated farmland to achieve a prime environment

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Duero (Douro) River basin: Water resources, Water accounts and Target sustainability

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