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Canadas M.J., Leal M., Soares F., Novais A., Ribeiro P.F., Schmidt L., Delicado A., Moreira F., Bergonse R., Oliveira S., Madeira P.M., Santos J.L. (2023)

Wildfire mitigation and adaptation: two locally independent actions supported by different policy domains

Land Use Policy, 124: 106444.. DOI:

Moreira, F., Leal, M., Bergonse, R., Canadas, M.J., Novais, A., Oliveira, S., Ribeiro, P. F., ZĂȘzere, J.L., & Santos, J.L. (2023)

Recent trends in fire regimes and associated territorial features in a megafire-prone Mediterranean region

Fire, 6(2): 60. DOI:

Ribeiro, P. F., Moreira, F., Canadas, M. J., Novais, A., Leal, M., Oliveira, S., Bergonse, R., ZĂȘzere, J. L., Santos, J. L. (2023)

Promoting Low-Risk Fire Regimes: An Agent-Based Model to Explore Wildfire Mitigation Policy Options

Fire, 6(3): 102. DOI:

Martins A., Novais A., Santos J.L., Canadas M.J. (2022)

Promoting landscape-level forest management in fire-prone areas: delegate management to a multi-owner collaborative, rent the land, or just sell it?

Forests, 13 (1): 22. DOI:

Novais A., Canadas M.J. (2022)

Small Forest owners’ response to wildfire risk within a management-logic framework

Small-scale Forestry, 21:297–323. DOI:

Juerges N., Arts, B., Masiero M., Hossgstra-Klein, Borges J.G.,Brodrechtova Y., Brukas V., Canadas M. J. , Carvalho P.O., Corradini G., Corrigan E., Felton A., Karahalil U., Karakoc U., Krott ., van Laar J., Lodin I., Lundholm A., Makrickienė E., Marques M., Sarı B. (2021)

Power analysis as a tool to analyse trade-offs between ecosystem services in forest management: a case study from nine European countries

Ecosystem Services, 49: 101290. DOI:

Ribeiro P.P.C.F., Lima Santos J.M.O.B., Canadas M.J.P.R., Novais A.M.C.V., Moreira F.M.R.F., Lomba A.C.A.R. (2021)

Explaining farming systems spatial patterns: a farm-level choice model based on socioeconomic and biophysical drivers

Agricultural Systems, 191: 103140. DOI:

Santos J.L., Martins A., Novais A., Canadas M.J. (2021)

A choice-modeling approach to inform policies aimed at reducing wildfire hazard through the promotion of fuel management by forest owners

Forests, 12(4):403. DOI:

Santos J.L., Moreira F., Ribeiro P.F., Canadas M.J., Novais A., Lomba A. (2021)

A farming systems approach to linking agricultural policies with biodiversity and ecosystem services

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 19(3): 168-175. DOI:

Juerges N., Arts B.J.M., Masiero M., BaƟkent E.Z., Borges J.G., Brodrechtova Y., Brukas V., Canadas M., Carvalho P., Corradini G., Corrigan E., Felton A., Hoogstra-Klein M., Krott M., van Laar J., Lodin I., Lundholm A., Makrickiene E., Marques M., Mendes A., Mozgeris G., Novais A.M., Pettenella D., PivoriĆ«nas N. (2020)

Integrating ecosystem services in power analysis in forest governance: a comparison across nine European countries

Forest Policy and Economics, 121:102317. DOI:

Silva J.F., Santos J.L., Ribeiro P.F., Canadas M.J., Novais A., Lomba A., MagalhĂŁes M.R., Moreira F. (2020)

Identifying and explaining the farming system composition of agricultural landscapes: The role of socioeconomic drivers under strong biophysical gradients

Landscape and Urban Planning, 202: 10387. DOI:

Canadas M.J., Novais A. (2019)

Forest owners and fuels management coordination. When neighbours’ actions matter.

Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 34(1): 67-77. DOI:

Canadas M.J., Novais A., Marques M. (2016)

Wildfires, forest management and landowners’ collective action: a comparative approach at the local level.

Land Use Policy, 56: 179-188.

Canadas M.J., Novais A. (2014)

Bringing local socioeconomic context to the analysis of forest owners’ management.

Land Use Policy, 41: 397-407.

Novais A., Canadas M.J. (2010)

Understanding the management logic of private forest owners: a new approach.

Forest Policy and Economics, 12: 173-180.

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Rodrigo I., Canadas M.J. (2009)

Componente social da certificação florestal: a utilização de metodologias participativas na sua avaliação

In: Floresta viva: patrimĂłnio de futuro. F. Baptista, R. Jacinto, T. Mendes (Coord.). CĂąmara Municipal de Proença-a-Nova / Centro de CiĂȘncia Viva, pp. 63-84.


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