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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Temudo M.P., Cabral A.I.R., Reis P. (2022)

The sea swallowed our houses and rice fields: the vulnerability to climate change of coastal people in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa.

Human Ecology, 50: 835–850. DOI:

Teeken B., Temudo M.P. (2021)

Varietal selection in marginal agroecological niches and cultural landscapes: the case of rice in the Togo Hills

Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 45(8): 1109-1138. DOI:

Temudo M.P, Cabral A.I.R. (2021)

Climate change as the last trigger in a long-lasting conflict: the production of vulnerability in northern Guinea-Bissau, West Africa

The Journal of Peasant Studies. DOI:

Sarró R., Temudo M. (2020)

The shade of religion: Kyangyang and the works of prophetic imagination in Guinea-Bissau

Social Anthropology, 28(2): 451-465. DOI:

Temudo M.P., Cabral A.I.R., Talhinhas P (2020)

Urban and rural household energy consumption and deforestation patterns in Zaire province, Northern Angola: a landscape approach

Applied Geography, 119: 102207. DOI:

Temudo M.P., Oom D., Pereira J.M. (2020)

Bio-cultural fire regions of Guinea-Bissau: Analysis combining social research and satellite remote sensing

Applied Geography, 118: 102203. DOI:

Temudo M.P., Cabral A.I.R., Talhinhas P. (2019)

Petro-Landscapes: urban expansion and energy consumption in Mbanza Kongo City, Northern Angola

Human Ecology, 47(4): 565–575.

Temudo M.P. (2018)

Men wielding the plough: changing patterns of production and reproduction among the Balanta of Guinea-Bissau.

Journal of Agrarian Change, 18(2): 267-280.

Temudo M.P., Cabral A. (2017)

The social dynamics of mangrove forests in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa.

Human Ecology, 45 (3): 307-320.

Temudo M.P., Santos P. (2017)

Shifting environments in Eastern Guinea-Bissau, West Africa: the length of fallows in question.

NJAS – Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences, 80: 57-64.

Sousa J.D., Temudo M.P., Hewlett B.S., Camacho R.J., Müller V., Vandamme A.-M. (2016)

Male circumcision and the epidemic emergence of HIV-2 in West Africa.

PLoS ONE, 1(12): e0166805.

Temudo M.P., Abrantes M. (2015)

The pen and the plough: Balanta young men in Guinea-Bissau.

Development and Change, 46 (3): 464-485. DOI:

Temudo M.P., Figueira R., Abrantes M. (2015)

Landscapes of diversity: shifting cultivation in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa.

Agroforestry Systems, 89 (1): 175-191.

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Book Chapters

Temudo M.P., Abrantes M. (2016)

Rural livelihoods and social stability in Guinea-Bissau: the end of an era

In: Guinea-Bissau: Micro-State to ‘Narco State’. 2016. Green, T., & Chabal, P. (Eds.). C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd. ISBN: 9781849045216 URL:

Temudo M.P. (2014)

The rise and fall of a plantation system in S. Tomé and Príncipe

In: Comparing apples, oranges and cotton: environmental histories of the plantation. Uekoetter F. (Ed.). Frankfurt: Campus Verlag, pp. 239-259. ISBN: 9783593500287 URL:

Nuijten E., Temudo M.P., Richards P., Okry F., Teeken B., Mokuwa A., Struik P.C. (2013)

Towards a new approach for understanding interactions of technology with environment and society in small-scale rice farming

In: Realizing Africa’s Rice Promise. M. Wopereis, D. Johnson, N. Ahmadi, E. Tollens, A. Jalloh (Eds.). Wallingford, UK: CABI Publishing, pp. 355-366. ISBN: 9781845938123 DOI:


Diverse pathways to nourishment

Diverse pathways to nourishment: Understanding how agricultural biodiversity enhances food security and nutrition

Duration: 2018-2019

Mangroves and Aluminium

Mangroves and Aluminium: Environmental and Socio-Cultural Resilience on the Coast of the Republic of Guinea

Duration: 2018-2019


Observatório das dinâmicas dos interações entre as sociedades e o meio ambiente da Amazônia

Duration: 2016-2019

CEF Budget: 130.500 €