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Ochs K., Egger G., Weber A., Ferreira M.T., Householder J.E., Schneider M. (2020)

The potential natural vegetation of large river floodplains – From dynamic to static equilibrium

Journal of Hydro-Environment Research, 30: 71-81. DOI:

Ochs K., Egger G., Kopecki I., Ferreira T. (2019)

Model-based reconstruction of the succession dynamics of a large river floodplain

River Research and Applications, 35(7): 944-954.

Ochs K., Rivaes R.P., Ferreira M.T., Egger G. (2018)

Flow management to control excessive growth of macrophytes – an assessment based on habitat suitability modeling.

Frontiers in Plant Science, 9: 356. DOI:

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