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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Moreira, F., Leal, M., Bergonse, R., Canadas, M.J., Novais, A., Oliveira, S., Ribeiro, P. F., Zêzere, J.L., & Santos, J.L. (2023)

Recent trends in fire regimes and associated territorial features in a megafire-prone Mediterranean region

Fire, 6(2): 60. DOI:

Ribeiro, P. F., Moreira, F., Canadas, M. J., Novais, A., Leal, M., Oliveira, S., Bergonse, R., Zêzere, J. L., Santos, J. L. (2023)

Promoting Low-Risk Fire Regimes: An Agent-Based Model to Explore Wildfire Mitigation Policy Options

Fire, 6(3): 102. DOI:

Simões R.S., Ribeiro P.F., Santos J.L. (2023)

Estimating the Trade-Offs between Wildfires and Carbon Stocks across Landscape Types to Inform Nature-Based Solutions in Mediterranean Regions

Fire 6(10):397. DOI:

Bergonse R., Oliveira S., Zêzere J. L., Moreira F., Ribeiro P.F., Leal M., Lima e Santos J.M. (2022)

Biophysical controls over fire regime properties in Central Portugal

Science of the Total Environment, 810: 152314. DOI:

Bergonse, R., Oliveira, S., Zêzere, J.L., Moreira, F., Ribeiro, P. F., Leal, M., & Santos, J.M.L. (2022)

Differentiating Fire Regimes and Their Biophysical Drivers in Central Portugal

Fire, 6(3). DOI:

Buchadas A., Moreira F., McCracken D., Lima Santos J., Lomba A. (2022)

Assessing the potential delivery of ecosystem services by farmlands under contrasting management intensities

Ecology and Society, 27(1): 5. DOI:

Franco J.C., Branco M., Conde S., Garcia A., Fernandes M.R., Santos J.L., Messina T., Duarte G., Fonseca A., Zina V., Ferreira M.T. (2022)

Ecological Infrastructures May Enhance Lepidopterans Predation in Irrigated Mediterranean Farmland, Depending on Their Typology and the Predator Guild

Sustainability, 14(7): 3874. DOI:

Martins A., Novais A., Santos J.L., Canadas M.J. (2022)

Promoting landscape-level forest management in fire-prone areas: delegate management to a multi-owner collaborative, rent the land, or just sell it?

Forests, 13 (1): 22. DOI:

Morgado R., Ribeiro P.F., Santos J.L., Rego F., Beja P., Moreira F. (2022)

Drivers of irrigated olive grove expansion in Mediterranean landscapes and associated biodiversity impacts

Landscape and Urban Planning, 225: 104429. DOI: https://10.1016/j.landurbplan.2022.104429

Barreiro S., Benali A., Rua J.C.P., Tomé M., Santos J.L., Pereira J.M.C. (2021)

Combining landscape fire simulations with stand-level growth simulations to assist landowners in building wildfire-resilient landscapes

Forests, 12(11): 1498. DOI:

Mbanze A.A., da Silva C.V., Ribeiro N.S., Santos J.L. (2021)

Participation in illegal harvesting of natural resources and the perceived costs and benefits of living within a protected area

Ecological Economics, 179: 106825. DOI:

Santos J.L., Martins A., Novais A., Canadas M.J. (2021)

A choice-modeling approach to inform policies aimed at reducing wildfire hazard through the promotion of fuel management by forest owners

Forests, 12(4):403. DOI:

Santos J.L., Moreira F., Ribeiro P.F., Canadas M.J., Novais A., Lomba A. (2021)

A farming systems approach to linking agricultural policies with biodiversity and ecosystem services

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 19(3): 168-175. DOI:

Mbanze A.A., Ribeiro N.S., da Silva C.V., Santos J.L. (2020)

Dataset from 55 experts engaged in nature conservation in Mozambique

Data in Brief, 28: 105080. DOI:

Mbanze A.A., Viera da Silva C., Ribeiro N.S., Silva J., Santos J.L. (2020)

A Livelihood and Farming System approach for effective conservation policies in Protected Areas of Developing Countries: the case study of the Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique

Land Use Policy, 99: 105056. DOI:

Silva J.F., Santos J.L., Ribeiro P.F., Canadas M.J., Novais A., Lomba A., Magalhães M.R., Moreira F. (2020)

Identifying and explaining the farming system composition of agricultural landscapes: The role of socioeconomic drivers under strong biophysical gradients

Landscape and Urban Planning, 202: 10387. DOI:

Gamito T.M., Madureira L., Lima Santos J.M. (2019)

Unveiling and typifying rural resources underpinned by innovation dynamics in rural areas.

Regional Science Policy and Practice, 13(3) 457-477. DOI:

Mbanze A.A., Ribeiro N.S., Vieira da Silva C., Santos J.L. (2019)

An expert-based approach to assess the potential for local people engagement in nature conservation: the case study of the Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique

Journal for Nature Conservation, 52: 125759.

Ribeiro P.F., Nunes L.C., Beja P., Reino L., Santana J., Moreira F., Santos J.L. (2018)

A spatially explicit choice model to assess the impact of conservation policy on high nature value farming systems.

Ecological Economics, 145: 331-338.

Santana J., Porto M., Reino L., Moreira F., Ribeiro P.F., Santos J.L., Rotenberry J.T., Beja P. (2017)

Using beta diversity to inform agricultural policies and conservation actions on Mediterranean farmland.

Journal of Applied Ecology, 54: 1825–1835.

Santana J., Reino L., Stoate C., Moreira F., Ribeiro P.F., Santos J.L., Rotenberry J.T., Beja P. (2017)

Combined effects of landscape composition and heterogeneity on farmland avian diversity.

Ecology and Evolution, 7(4): 1212-1223.

Silva C.V., Costa J.L., Santos J.L., Madureira L. (2017)

What is nature conservation for the Portuguese public? Understanding the commonsensical image of nature to engage the general public in conservation efforts and to improve the communication between science and society.

Portuguese Journal of Social Science, 16(1): 101-116.

Costa C.A., Fontes M.A., Santos J.L. (2016)

Are Portuguese consumers ready to understand the risks from pesticide use?

New Medit, 1: 7-16. URL:

Costa C.A., Santos J.L. (2016)

Estimating the demand curve for sustainable use of pesticides from contingent-valuation data.

Ecological Economics, 127: 121-128. DOI:

Ribeiro P.F., Santos J.L., Santana J., Reino L., Beja P., Moreira F. (2016)

An applied farming systems approach to infer conservation-relevant agricultural practices for agri-environment policy design.

Land Use Policy, 58: 165-172.

Ribeiro P.F., Santos J.L., Santana J., Reino L., Leitão P., Beja P., Moreira F. (2016)

Landscape makers and landscape takers: links between farming systems and landscape patterns along an intensification gradient.

Landscape Ecology, 31(4):791–803.

Santos J.L., Madureira L., Ferreira A.C., Espinosa M., Gomez y Paloma S. (2016)

Building an empirically-based framework to value multiple public goods of agriculture at broad supranational scales.

Land Use Policy, 53: 56–70.

Silva C.V., Madureira M., Costa J.L., Santos J.L. (2016)

Using public preferences to weight species prioritization criteria in conservation decision making: a case study to explore potential strengths and weaknesses.

Society & Natural Resources, 29(12): 1517-1532.

Guimarães M.H., Catela Nunes L., Madureira L., Lima Santos J., Boski T. Dentinho T. (2015)

Measuring birdwatchers preferences: a case for using online networks and mixed-mode surveys.

Tourism Management, 46: 102-113.

Costa A., Madeira M., Lima Santos J. (2014)

Is cork oak (Quercus suber L.) woodland loss driven by eucalyptus plantation? A case-study in southwestern Portugal.

iForest – Biogeosciences and Forestry, 7: 193-203. DOI:

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Fragmentation patterns of evergreen oak woodlands in Southwestern Iberia: identifying key spatial indicators.

Journal of Environment Management, 133: 18-26. DOI:

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Using Choice Modeling to estimate the effects of environmental improvements on local development: when the purpose modifies the tool.

Ecological Economics, 108: 79–90.

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Modelling farming system dynamics in High Nature Value Farmland under policy change.

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 183: 138–144.

Viegas I., Catela Nunes L., Madureira L., Aguiar Fontes M., Lima Santos J. (2014)

Beef credence attributes: implications of substitution effects on consumers’ WTP.

Journal of Agricultural Economics, 65 (3): 600–615.

Costa A., Madeira M., Lima Santos J., Oliveira A. (2011)

Change and dynamics in Mediterranean evergreen oak woodlands landscapes of Southwestern Iberian peninsula.

Landscape Urban Plannning, 102(3): 164-176. DOI:


Feasibility study on the valuation of public goods and externalities in EU agriculture

Madureira L., Santos J.L., Ferreira A., Guimarães H. (2013)

M. Espinosa, S. Gomez y Paloma Eds. JOINT RESEARCH CENTRE, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies,Agriculture and Life Sciences in the Economy. Final Report, JRC Scientific and Policy Reports, 142 p. ISBN: 978-92-79-32954-8 DOI:

O futuro da alimentação: ambiente, saúde e economia

Santos J.L., Carmo I., Graça P., Ribeiro I. (Eds.) (2013)

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa, 247 p. URL:

Book Chapters

Costa A., Madeira M., Lima Santos J., Plieninger T. (2014)

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Agricultura e ambiente: papel da tecnologia e das políticas públicas

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Uso do solo e produção da alimentos

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O uso do solo numa era de mudanças económicas: uma perspectiva económica

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Optimal Greening of Irrigated farmland to achieve a prime environment

Duration: 2016-2021

CEF Budget: 191.226 €