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Gomes Marques I., Garbelotto M. (2022)

Testing the pathogenicity of three Phytophthora species on California hosts commonly used in restoration

Journal of Plant Pathology, 104: 1529‚Äď1535.. DOI:

Gomes Marques I., Solla A., David T.S., Rodríguez-González P.M., Garbelotto M. (2022)

Response of two riparian woody plants to Phytophthora species and drought

Forest Ecology and Management, 518: 120281. DOI:

Marques I.G., Faria C., Conceição S.I.R., Jansson R., Corcobado T., Milanovic S., Laurent Y., Bernez I., Dufour S., Mandak B., Ennouni H., Sahli A., Ater M., Dorado F.J., Caperta A.D., David T.S., Solla A., Rodriguez-Gonzalez P.M. (2022)

Germination and seed traits in common alder (Alnus spp.): the potential contribution of rear-edge populations to ecological restoration success

Restoration Ecology, e13517. DOI:

Urbanińć G., Politti E., Rodr√≠guez-Gonz√°lez P.M., ‚Ķ, Marques I.G., ‚Ķ, Dufour S. (2022)

Riparian Zones ‚ÄĒ From policy neglected to policy integrated

Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10: 868527.

Rodriguez-Gonzalez P.M., Colangelo M., Sanchez-Miranda A., Sanchez-Salguero R., Campelo F., Rita A., Marques I.G., Albuquerque A., Ripullone F., Camarero J.J. (2021)

Climate, drought and hydrology drive narrow-leaved ash growth dynamics in southern European riparian forests

Forest Ecology and Management, 490: 119128. DOI:

Gomes Marques I., Campelo F., Rivaes R., Albuquerque A., Ferreira M.T., Rodríguez-González P.M. (2018)

Tree rings reveal long-term changes in growth resilience in Southern European riparian forests.

Dendrochronologia, 52: 167-176.

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Screening Alnus Glutinosa resistance to an emerging disease under climate stressors: predecting alder forests resilience across river networks.

Duration: 2018-2021

CEF Budget: 207.948 ‚ā¨