I’m interested in Conservation Ecology mainly of birds and meso/large carnivores using several methods: transects/snow-tracking, howling, camera-traps, diet analysis (Eurasian otter), play-back method, bird point count , bird census and bird ringing. I’ve well developed statistical and spatial analysis skills, working with R and QGIS. Right now, I’m working on my PhD project on the impact of alien birds on native avifauna in Europe.


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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Marcolin F., Segurado P., Chamberlain D., Reino L. (2023)

Testing the links between bird diversity, alien species and disturbance within a human-modified landscape.

Ecography, e06886. DOI:

Gallé R., Korányi D., Tölgyesi C., Tamás LakatosT., Marcolin F., Török E., Révész K., Szabó A.R., Torma A., Gallé-SzpisjakN., Marja R., Szitár K., Deák B., Batáry P. (2022)

Landscape-scale connectivity and fragment size determine species composition of grassland fragments.

Basic and Applied Ecology, 65: 39-49.. DOI:

Grilo C.,…, Marcolin F., …, da Luz Mathias M. (2022)

MAMMALS IN PORTUGAL: A data set of terrestrial, volant, and marine mammal occurrences in Portugal

Ecology, 103 (6): e3654. DOI:

Marcolin F., Cardoso G.C., Bento D., Reino L., Santana J. (2022)

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Marcolin F., Lakatos T., Galléa R., Batárya P. (2021)

Fragment connectivity shapes bird communities through functional trait filtering in two types of grasslands

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Capinha C., Marcolin F., Reino L. (2020)

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Marcolin F., Iordan F.,Pizzul E., Pallavicini A., Torboli V., Manfrin C., Quaglietta L. (2020)

Otter diet and prey selection in a recently recolonized area assessed using microscope analysis and DNA barcoding

Hystrix – Italian Journal of Mammalogy, 31(1) :64-72. DOI:

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Something in the way they move: how global patterns of wildlife trade influence global invasion success

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