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CEF is present at the 9th Iberian Congress of Ichthyology – SIBIC 2022
CEF is present at the 9th Iberian Congress of Ichthyology – SIBIC 2022
Six researchers from the ForProtect research group will be at the IX Iberian Congress of … Read More


Scientific Articles (ISI)

Leite, T., Mameri D., Branco P., Vieira I., Oliveira M., Santos J.M. (2023)

Swimming under pressure: the sub-lethal effects of a pesticide on the behaviour of native and non-native Cypriniformes fish

Fishes, 8(9): 462. DOI:

Mameri D., Hayes D., Fuhrer S., Fauchery E., Schmutz S., Monserat A., Hasler T., Graf D.M., Santos J.M., Ferreira M.T., Auer S. (2023)

Cold thermopeaking-induced drift of nase Chondrostoma nasus larvae

Aquatic Sciences, 85(56).. DOI:

FĂŒhrer S., Hayes D.S., Hasler T., Graf D.R.M., Fauchery E., Mameri D., Schmutz S., Auer S. (2022)

Stranding of larval nase (Chondrostoma nasus L.) depending on bank slope, down-ramping rate and daytime.

Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10: 966418. DOI:

Mameri D., Rivaes R., Ferreira M.T., Schmutz S., Santos J.M. (2021)

Climate change effects on fish passability across a rock weir in a Mediterranean river

Water, 13(19): 2758. DOI:

Mameri D., Branco P., Ferreira M.T., Santos J.M. (2020)

Heatwave effects on the swimming behaviour of a Mediterranean freshwater fish, the Iberian barbel Luciobarbus bocagei

Science of the Total Environment, 730: 139152. DOI:

Mameri D., Rivaes R., Oliveira J.M., Padua J., Ferreira M.T., Santos J.M. (2020)

Passability of potamodromous species through a fish lift at a large hydropower plant (Touvedo, Portugal)

Sustainability, 12(1): 172. DOI:

Mameri D., Sousa-Santos C., Robalo J.I., Gil F., Faria A.M. (2020)

Swimming performance in early life stages of three threatened Iberian Leuciscidae

Acta Ethologica, 23(1): 23-29. DOI:

Mameri D., van Kammen C., Groothuis T.G.G., Seehausen O., Maan M.E. (2019)

Visual adaptation and microhabitat choice in Lake Victoria cichlid fish

Royal Society Open Science, 6(3): 181876.

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