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Mameri D., Hayes D., Fuhrer S., Fauchery E., Schmutz S., Monserat A., Hasler T., Graf D.M., Santos J.M., Ferreira M.T., Auer S. (2023)

Cold thermopeaking-induced drift of nase Chondrostoma nasus larvae

Aquatic Sciences, 85(56).. DOI:

Linke R.B., Kebede G., Mushi D., Lakew A., Hayes D.S., Graf W., Farnleitner A.H. (2021)

Assessing the faecal source sensitivity and specificity of ruminant and human genetic microbial source tracking markers in the central Ethiopian highlands

Letters in Applied Microbiology, 72(4): 458-466. DOI:

Mushi D., Kebede G., Linke R.B., Lakew A., Hayes D.S., Graf W., Farnleitner A.H. (2021)

Microbial faecal pollution of river water in a watershed of tropical Ethiopian highlands is driven by diffuse pollution sources

Journal of Water and Health, 19(4): 575-591. DOI:

Boavida I., DĂ­az-Redondo M., Fuentes-PĂ©rez J.F., Hayes D.S., Jesus J., Moreira M., Belmar O., Vila-MartĂ­nez N., Palau-Nadal A., Costa M.J. (2020)

Ecohydraulics of river flow alterations and impacts on freshwater fish [Ecohidråulica no contexto global das alteraçÔes do escoamento do rio e os impactos nos peixes de ågua doce]

Limnetica, 39(1): 213-232. DOI:

Englmaier G.K., Hayes D.S., Meulenbroek P., Terefe Y., Lakew A., Tesfaye G., Waidbacher H., Malicky H., Wubie A., Leitner P., Graf W. (2020)

Longitudinal river zonation in the tropics: examples of fish and caddisflies from the endorheic Awash River, Ethiopia

Hydrobiologia, 847(19): 4063-4090. DOI:

Kebede G., Mushi D., Linke R.B., Dereje O., Lakew A., Hayes D.S., Farnleitner A.H., Graf W. (2020)

Macroinvertebrate indices versus microbial fecal pollution characteristics for water quality monitoring reveals contrasting results for an Ethiopian river

Ecological Indicators, 108: 105733. DOI:

Hayes D., Branco P., Santos J.M., Ferreira M.T. (2019)

Oxygen depletion affects kinematics and shoaling cohesion of cyprinid fish.

Water, 11(4): 642. DOI:

Hayes D.S., Moreira M., Boavida I., Haslauer M., Unfer G., Zeiringer B., Greimel F., Auer S., Ferreira T., Schmutz S. (2019)

Life stage-specific hydropeaking flow rules

Sustainability, 11 (6): 1547.

Moreira M., Hayes D.S., Boavida I., Schletterer M., Schmutz S., Pinheiro A. (2019)

Ecologically-based criteria for hydropeaking mitigation: a review

Science of the Total Environment, 657: 1508-1522.

Pinter K., Lautsch E., Unfer G., Hayes D.S. (2019)

Snorkeling-based fish stock assessment by anglers-a valuable method for managing recreational fisheries

North American Journal of Fisheries Management, 39(1): 82-90.

Hayes D.S., BrÀndle J.M., Seliger C., Zeiringer B., Ferreira M.T., Schmutz S. (2018)

Advancing towards functional environmental flows for temperate floodplain rivers.

Science of the Total Environment, 633: 1089-1104. DOI:

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