PhD student in Sustainable Land Use, specialising in Forestry and Natural Resources, at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA), University of Lisbon. Research topic: Sustainable use, conservation and valorisation of non-timber forest products in Guinea-Bissau. Other research areas of interest: Flora and vegetation of Guinea-Bissau; Ethnobotany and Ethnomedicine: local knowledge on the uses of medicinal and food plants; Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation; Protected Areas, Sacred Sites, Sacred Forests and Community Forests; Research and monitoring of mangrove ecosystems in Guinea-Bissau.


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Scientific Articles (ISI)

SambĂč A., Cornara L., Catarino L., Indjai B., Biagi M., Giordani P. (2023)

Medical Ethnobotany of the Bissau-Guinean Community of Migrants Living in Northern Italy and Comparison with the Ethnopharmacology of Guinea-Bissau

Plants, 12(9): 1909. DOI: plants12091909

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Book Chapters

Indjai B., Segurado P., Romeiras M.M., Catarino L. (2023)

Bioecologia e importùncia socioeconómica das palmeiras na África Ocidental

In: Catarino, S., Fortes, A., Ferreira, V., Duarte, M.C (eds). Flora and Natural Resources of Cabo Verde Islands. Universidade de Cabo Verde e Universidade de Lisboa. ISAPress, Lisboa, 38p.. ISBN: 978-989-35095-2-4 URL:


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