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Scientific Articles (ISI)

AparĂ­cio B.A., Nunes J.P, Bernard-Jannin L., Dias L.F., Fonseca A., Ferreira M.T. (2023)

Modeling the role of ground-true riparian vegetation for providing regulating services in a Mediterranean watershed

International Soil and Water Conservation Research, 11(1): 159-168.. DOI:

Franco J.C., Branco M., Conde S., Garcia A., Fernandes M.R., Santos J.L., Messina T., Duarte G., Fonseca A., Zina V., Ferreira M.T. (2022)

Ecological Infrastructures May Enhance Lepidopterans Predation in Irrigated Mediterranean Farmland, Depending on Their Typology and the Predator Guild

Sustainability, 14(7): 3874. DOI:

Froidevaux J.S.P., Duarte G., Fonseca A., Zina V., Conde S., Ferreira M.T., Fernandes M.R. (2022)

The location and vegetation physiognomy of ecological infrastructures determine bat activity in Mediterranean floodplain landscapes

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 332: 107929. DOI: https://doi.or/10.1016/j.agee.2022.107929

Fonseca A., Ugille J-P., Michez A., RodrĂ­guez-GonzĂĄlez P., Duarte G., Ferreira M.T., Fernandes M.R. (2021)

Assessing the connectivity of riparian forests across a gradient of human disturbance: the potential of Copernicus “Riparian Zones” in two hydroregions

Forests, 12(6): 674. DOI:

Fonseca A., Zina V., Duarte G., Aguiar F., RodrĂ­guez-GonzĂĄlez P.M., Ferreira M.T., Fernandes M.R. (2021)

Riparian ecological infrastructures: potential for biodiversity-related ecosystem services in mediterranean human-dominated landscapes

Sustainability, 13(19): 10508. DOI:

Zina V., Fonseca A., Duarte G., Conde S., Fernandes M.R., Ferreira M.T., Franco J.C. (2021)

Ant diversity is enhanced by ecological infrastructures in agroecosystems: a case study in irrigated Mediterranean farmland.

Agronomy, 12(11): 2690. DOI:

Zina V., Duarte G., Fonseca A., Conde S., Ferreira M.T., Franco J.C., Fernandes M.R. (2020)

Land use system, invasive species and shrub diversity of the riparian ecological infrastructure determine the specific and functional richness of ant communities in Mediterranean river valleys

Ecological Indicators, 145: 109613. DOI:

Aguiar F.C., Bentz J., Silva J.M.N., Fonseca A.L., Swart R., Santos F.D., Penha-Lopes G. (2018)

Adaptation to climate change at local level in Europe: an overview.

Environmental Science & Policy, 86: 38-63. DOI:

Teodoro O.M.N.D., Fonseca A.L., Pereira H., Moutinho A.M.C. (2014)

Vacuum physics applied to the transport of gases through cork

Vacuum, 109:397-400.

Brazinha C., Fonseca A.P., Pereira H., Teodoro O.M.N., Crespo J.G. (2013)

Gas transport through cork: modelling gas permeation based on the morphology of a natural polymer material

Journal of Membrane Science, 428: 52-62.

Fonseca A.L., Brazinha C., Pereira H., Crespo J.G., Teodoro O.M.N. (2013)

Permeability of cork for water and ethanol

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 61 (40): 9672-9679.

Faria D.P., Fonseca A.L., Pereira H., Teodoro O.M.N.D. (2011)

Permeability of cork to gases

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 59: 3590-3597.

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Zina V., Franco J.C., Branco M., Fernandes M.R., Duarte G., Fonseca A., Ferreira M.T. (2022)

Ecological Infrastructures May Enhance Lepidopterans Predation

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